newbie knife question

Feb 7, 1999
Hello everyone,

On any good quality production, or custom folder, would you consider it normal to have a slight play when blade is in the lock position?

Nope. Check to see that your pivot is sufficiently tight. However if by tightening enough to eliminate the play and now its difficult to open then you have a lemon. See if the manufacturer has warranty service
Are they new? If older, they may just have worn bushings. Is there a warranty? Mind telling us the brand name....some folks around here know particular brands better than the manufacturers
DC...My lemon is a 2 month old custom from a reputable maker. I know a perfectly setup folder shouldn't exhibit play (My Sebenza, BM 970, and a 3rd generation Military are rock solid), but I have seen several custom liner folder, at Paragon Sporting Goods in NYC, from different custom makers, that have play in the pivot area. I am particularly picky about the lockup...It first thing I check when I pick up a folder. Perhaps I'm too picky about my knives. An average Joe would probably never notice the imperfection.
He should fix it to your satisfaction then.
Post this in the Custom forum and or e-mail Les Robertson; he can tell you what you need to do. You spent good money, you should expect satisfaction