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Newbie needs help sharpening Stryker

I bought a new Stryker, partially serrated, which I don't think is that sharp. I ran my finger down the blade and it just doesn't feel sharp. I was under the impressoin that a sharp blade would easily slide the skin (i know it's dumb but I had to try it). I also got a Gatco Tri-Steps Ceramic Sharpener. However, I believe I'm actually making the blade duller! I need someone to walk me through the sharpening process for both the plain edge and serrated part of the knife and help me visualize the whole sharpening process using the Gatco. Thanks for the help.
Here's something someone told me to do..and surprisingly it works...even though it's silly...
Run the knife a short distance down the back of your hair..if it catches, it's sharp..you should feel a distinct "yanking" on your hair. If not, it's likely dull...

Probably the most unprofessional way to test, but it's an easy, quick determination...


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