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Newbie needs suggestions

Sep 6, 1999
First off I must say I like what goes on here. Very cool stuff with minimal grief and discontent. It is very rare in an arena of different types of people now a days. Civility is the exception vice the rule. That said I have a typical type FNG question to pose to this esteemed body. You have $50 for a everyday, every where carry knife. What do you get? Now bump that up to $100. What do you get? Be it pocket carry, neck knife etc... Thanks
Ah yes the inevitable question of which knife for the money...Be prepared for a lot of answers if the guys (and ladies) are feeling fiery. Personally...I can't answer the question for you without finding out a lot of info(i.e. what you're looking for, is it going on a plain, what color do you like?...kidding) For me...$50 Spyderco Endura, plain edge. $100 (again for me) Blade Forum's Spyderco Native, also plain edge.

What can I say...I just don't care for Walker-locks (especially the factory ones).

BTW...Welcome to the Forums. :)

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Well you have lots of choices in that price range. It would really depend on what you plan to be doing with your knives.

But your question was what would =I= get. I'm a light user unless I'm outdoors. And I have no need for fixed blades on a daily basis.

For around $50 I would look into the Outdoor Edge Impulse. But a Spyderco Endura is always a safe bet.

For around $100 I would get the Benchmade Vortex (aka Axis). Or alternatively the Spyderco Military. Actually I have both in the air.

Good luck hunting.

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Man do you have OPTIONS in this price range($100.00)!!
Take a serious look at the Starmate, Military and Wegner from Spyderco and The Axis from Benchmade.
From Outdoor Edge the Impulse($50.00 or <) or the Magna.
From CRKT look at the M16 series, the M16-04 in particular.
I am personally growing real fond of Spyderco's products of late and I think you should really check them out. They are doing great things at that company and their products are all first rate.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I would get two knives that fall right between your price limits: The REKAT Pioneer II and the Benchmade 720 Axis lock. Both are about the same size, with the Pioneer having G-10 handle scales and offered in four different blade styles, as opposed to Mel Pardues drop point bladed, aluminum handled Benchmade Axis Lock. Both use ATS-34 steel, but there is always treatment, grind, etc. to consider as well. The main advantage to the Axis lock over the REKAT Rolling lock is the ambidextrous operation, but both rely on hidden spring mechanisms. I want to see what they will take

Endura and Military.

David Rock

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I'll cheat a bit and say for $50 get the Spyderco Calypso Jr. Lightweight. I'm cheating 'cause it won't be out for a few weeks and I don't believe a price has been announced. It really is just about to be for sale, though, and I'll be shocked if the street price is over $50. It's got quite good VG-10 steel, a full-flat grind for great cutting, is fairly small and people-friendly, and will be a tip-down clip carry with the blade hole - fast and neat! I've never heard a bad word about its predecessor (in Micarta), and that's really saying something on these forums.

$100 gets trickier... how big is still "friendly?" I'd go with a Spyderco Military or Benchmade M-2 AFCK, but both are rather large. The Bladeforums Native, as suggested, is a good way to get a smaller knife that's cool, classy, and in outstanding 440V. I dunno... I like bigger knives, though.

$50 - Spyderco Endura
$100 - M2 AFCK
Can't believe more folks haven't mentioned the AFCK...it is the best utility / defensive combo available for the money in my opinion.
Right now my choice would be:
Kershaw Whirlwind plain blade - for under $ 50.00
BM 710 Axis plain blade - for $ 100.00

But that may change tomorrow or next week....

$50 Spyderco Delica, the Endura is more knife, but somehow too much knife. Spyderco Goddard ltwt, Native. Livesay Little Pecker.

$100 Spyderco Military, Starmate. 3 little Peckers, or one and keep the change.

Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at mdpoff@hotmail.com If I fail to check back with this thread and you want some info, email me.

My site is at: http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/1770 Including my review of the Kasper AFCK, thougths on the AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

For a shave over 50 bucks I highly reccomend the Buck XlTi.

It's essentialy their popular 110 folding hunter, only with a superior finger grooved titanium handle that is comfortable in all grip positions, lightweight, and provides excelent retention due to the large integral gaurd. Suitable for defense or utility.

You can spend a lot more on a trendier knife, and usualy walk away with something that isn't half as usable.
$50- Spyderco(rescue, endura, delica, catcherman-your choice) Benchmade Ascent(eclipse?), Cold Steel Voyager series, CS Kobun($57?)

$100- Benchmade 710 Axis, Benchmade AFCK, Kershaw random task (COOL KNIFE!!)

Spyderco Delica
BF Spyderco Native

Don't see a bad choice in all the posts above. Let use and what fits your hand be major factors in your decision.

As for your first point, could this be a live demo of the idiom "An armed society is a polite society?"
I would whole heartedly recommend newt livesays knives. They are great quality, Hold a great edge, Are made out of 1095 high carbon tool steel, And sharpen up well. For the the quality and workmanship he almost gives them away.