Newbie Question - Wostenholm

Jul 10, 2010
I purchased a whole box full of old reloading equipment, gun parts, etc. There were a couple of old knives in the bottom of the box. This one looks really old to me. The lady that I bought the stuff from is about 96 years old, and the stuff belonged to her husband who had passed away many years earlier. The blade reads "G. Wostenholm & Son, Washington Works, Sheffield,Eng with IXL further up. The blade appears to be in great shape, there is some dark residue on the blade, but it appears that it would clean up nicely. There are very few scratches, and it is very sharp. The handle is a black ebony looking cross-hatch type design. The sheath is in great shape also and fits the knife perfectly. I did not attempt to clean the knife up in any way, because I know with old collectibles this can often hurt the value.
Can anyone tell me anything about this old thing, and what it might be worth?
There was also an old Cattaragus knife in the box marked 225Q.
Here is a link to the pics......
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