Newbie sharpening question...

Jan 2, 2001
I new to this forum and I have a question regarding sharpening. I just got a Lansky diamond deluxe kit and I would like to buy another stone for polishing the blades. I can't decide whether to get the ultra fine hone (yellow handle, 1000 grit, ceramic) or the natural black hard Arkansas hone (white handle, 1200 grit). Which one is better to compliment my kit? Thanks in advance.
I like the edge I get from ceramic hones. They also seem to work faster than the natural Arkansas stones. I very seldom use my Arkansas stones anymore.

Thanks for the reply. I was just searching around and I found another stone that Lansky makes. It's the sapphire ultra fine sharpening/polishing hone. I wonder what the difference between ceramic and sapphire would be. Just when I was about to order the ceramic....
I could be wrong but I remember reading that ceramic stones are made up of man made saphires. You may have just found the same stone under different names.
The black arkansas would give you a great edge, it would wear out after LOTS of use. Most ceramic stones won't wear out in one lifetime. They give a great edge to.

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Matt's right the ceramic is made up of man made sapphire's. I had the same kit as you for a while and added the ceramic hone to it for final polishing. Worked well lasted long time. Then I traded everything for a sharpmaker 204 and haven't looked back since. I do own a regular Lansky kit for rebeveling but all in all you can get a knife sharper on the Sharpmaker any day.

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