Newbie story, 10,000???

Mar 8, 2001
Hello All, I've been looking, excuse me, "LURKING" at blade forums for several weeks now, and have really enjoyed reading all the great info. At about 11:45 today I came in and saw the members were at 9,999 and I said I'll register and try for 10,000. When I came back it was at 10,000 and shortly thereafter went to 10001 so I don't know. This winter,I have bought several knives, a Chris J Smith, a small George folder from CHEFGET, a Frank Dulluivo wharncliff, and an LCC DA. All were good experiences except the LCC DA, which I may tell you all about some other time. In any event it feels good to be aboard. JIM
Welcome and Congratz sixgun!
May I call you 10K?

"Will work 4 Knives!"
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Welcome to BFC Jim!
Thanks for posting and letting the idle curious (like me) know who Member 10K is!

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Hi Sixgun,
welcome to BF. If you're in Dingman's maybe I'll run into you sometime at the Marshall's Creek flea market at one of the knife tables. Also, if you're really into handling good knives, you're not all that far from JT's Knife Shop.He has all the productions and lots of customs.
Enjoy your stay here 10K.

Thanks for the welcome, I didn't hear any band.. sound must be off.. by the way Dave I know Joe, at JT knives quite well. I have bought quite a few from him and traded as well. Our last deal was on a large Steve Hill folder (combat folder ll) Joe just had to have my CRK Mountaineer ll or was it the other way around??
I didn't know there was any good knife tables at Marshalls Creek anymore? Thanks again for the welcome, JIM