Dec 16, 2004
I am an absolutle newbie to knife making.! I was going to buy a "kit" knife
for my first attempt. Looks to me that all one does is put the handle on it.
I have looked ay Jantz and Shefffield Supply.
The only powertools I have are a 6" and an 8" dual buffing/grinding wheels and a bench mounted 4" belt sander with a 6" round sanding wheel attached to it(I do not even know what it is called). I have very little fabrication experince.
I guess a good place to start is a good basic knifemaking book.
Is the "kit" a good place to start? (There are no smithing schools nearby)
Any advice appreciated


Gold Member
Dec 5, 2000
Check out . They have a nice variety of top notch kits, materials and tools. Making kits is a fine way to get started. I have been slowly, very slowly as funds permit, getting into making knives myself.

It might seem that slapping a handle scale onto a knife is an easy task, and generally speaking it is. It is doing well, in a way that you are proud to show others as a sample of your work, is very hard. It is still learning how to use a grinder, and shape the raw materials, which should come in handy down the line. I have found that it is easier to worry about one thing at a time. Once you can get a kit together well everytime then start thinking about grinding your own blades.

You could also wander over into the Shoptalk forum here, lots of very talented guys who are willing to help out.