News Flash!...Lying under oath is now acceptable!

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Jan 19, 1999
News Flash...

Lying under oath... cheating on your spouse... and having sex with a suordinate co-worker is now ok! Imagine the new freedoms we can now enjoy!


(PLEASE NOTE: The above was stated with as much sarcasm as I am physically able to summon)

A sad commentary indeed...

requisite on topic statement: I love knives

Keep it to yourself.

This topic is entirely inappropriate for this forum.

Will someone please close or perhaps remove this thread.

Ron Knight

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Please ... could you define thread?
Is this a "thread" of just an exchange of ideas expressed via a medium not much unlike e-mail but not a thread.

I think it takes a 2/3 majority to close a thread?!?


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I am unhappy myself, but would this thread not be more appropriate in the political commentary caption?
Boy would Ty on the other place go insane if he saw this!
Whoops, I am not sticking to the subject. Hmm, this topic probably belongs on the political forum.

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Not sure if you were kidding ??

But, anyway, a "thread" is (IMO) a series of messages under a common heading and ,to some extent, relating to a common subject. Not sure the medium is particularly relevant.

Wanna define "exchange of ideas" ?
(rhetorical reply necessary

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I did restart this thread in the political forum. I really feel strongly about this. (Mild understatement!) And perhaps should not have started this thread here at all. Even though more people will see it here on this forum!

I'm locking this thread because it belongs in the Politics Forum, and you have already started it there on your own.

I'm glad that you guys decided to take it there before I came on and found it, you prove yet again that you are essentially self moderating.


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