Newt Livesay "Bushi"

Aug 13, 1999
I just received my Bushi from Wicked Knives today in the mail. This is not a survival knife. It is not a utility knife. It is not a skinning knife....It is a Slash and Stab knife. The Bushi is a 4-7/8" chisel ground tanto designed for fighting. The grip is very comfortable and very secure in both a standard and a reverse grip. The blade is made from High Carbon 1095 tool steel that has a parkerized finish. The overall design is a based on a large Woo neck knife. The blade came from Newt with a very sharp edge, and being a chisel ground tanto, could probably pierce 1/4" boiler plate without any damage. The finish on the knife is not pretty, but since I bought it to fit in my glove compartment of my truck, along with some other tools, it does not really matter. I own a couple of other knives from Newt, and they all have the same build quality. These are no bull**** tools. I have a weird fascination with Newt's products and carry a Woo everyday. I have been disappointed in the day to day use of some other companies knives, but never with Newt's. Botton line. For $100 it is a very aggressive fighter that won't fail you when needed.
Newt is the man! As you can tell from many of my prior posts, I am a big Newt fan. I have five of his pieces, with one on order. The one on order is a semi-customized 82nd Airborne with an 8" blade. Yahoo!!! And with great the write-ups on his machete
models (RTAK,RCM), you can bet I'll soon e ordering one.

He is a good, honest man. And he makes good,reasonably-priced products that he stands behind 100%. What else do you want???
Perhaps i need to fish my mind out of the gutter but am I the only one who finds alot of pun in the knife models names.