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Newt Livesay Custom Air Assualt

Jul 7, 1999
Went and purchased a Custom Air Assualt http://members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/mdl131Air_Assault.html as a companion to the Busse#9 for a upcomming deployment back to the sandbox. The AA will be my "utility" knife as jack of all trades. The only diff between the "custom" and the standard AA is the top finger notch has been removed for IWB carry.

This is the first knife I've had with a Black electrical grade "Linen"(LE) Micarta handel and it's without the finest handle I've ever had. The handle fits my hand like it was designed for me, instead of a production handle.

The blade is made from 1095 tool steel and while not hair poppin sharp it's sharp enough for everyday use.

Without a doubt this knife has become one of my all time favorites. Check out Newt's board for more info on his knives. http://server3.ezboard.com/blivesayknives
Right on about Newt's handle designs! My Marshall feels like it was made for me. Great texture too.
Good Luck out there in the sandbox, watch out for camel flop!

In the long run, luck is given only to the effecient.
-Helmut Von Moltke
The handle on the Air Assault made me critical of the handles on all my other fixed blades. I only wish Newt made these in D2 as I don't really like parkerizing or coatings. Mine didn't come super sharp either, but was very easy to get razor sharp and is holding the edge well. Seems to perform better than some of my other 1095 knives, must be a good heat treat.
Snoopy newt does offer some of his knifes in D2 an air assualt in D2 would be sweet!
can't hirt to ask.

How did you sharpen your AA??? I'm using a Spyderco 203 and it seems to be taking a long time getting anywhere. But then again I'm sadly lacking in the sharpenning skills and working on the AA should help teach me the skill od sharpening.