newt livesay kydex sheaths ???????


Jun 17, 2001
anyone use/carry a kydex sheath from newt for the Gerber combat folder or the CRKT stiff kiss ? any reviews/feedback on these would be appreciated.

also, anyone use/carry a newt Uji? what do you think of it???

Uji is pretty much a nice bargain if you can get it sharp. 1095 steel and Micarta with okay QC until it gets sharp. Personally I prefer a much bigger handle, but a very solid fist around the handle and maybe some trainer's tape on it will help you out.

It cuts and sticks well, but you will have a hard time levering it out of your target with wet and slippery hands. Blood, sweat, rain, it all makes a mess of any game plan.

I have an Uji. An excellent knife for what it's for. It is designed to be a weapon, pure and simple, easy to carry and dirt reliable.I sharpened mine with a Lansky Diamond sharpening set. It was a job reprofiling the edge, but once I got it the way I wanted it, it was no problem keeping it that way. The kydex work is first rate.
I'm still waiting from mine from Newt - he's making me a RTAk at the mo, so I'm just drooling at anticipation.... :)