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Newt Livesay - RTAK


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Mar 28, 1999
I have just seen and ordered the RTAK made by Newt Livesay and what a pleasure dealing with Newt.

The blade can be seen at http://www.jungletraining.com/rtak.htm

AT a price of $150 it is superb value. Steel is 1095 carbon with a parkerized finish and differential temper, but the 10 inch blade is CS Trailmaster and Busse BM fields of opereation. Considering the price for a Carbon V TM and this RTAK ...one factory and one hand made ....I would say it makes sense to have a look at it. I know that 1095 is not the latest and greatest steel but it sharpenes easily and keeps good edge. I have also found carobon steel in general to be better at absorbing shock at high edge hardness rating sthan any of the SS's.

I will collect the knife in two week in DC so I'll post some reviews there after.

From Africa


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Hi Aubrey,
Saw the pics. Nice! Only wish it was made with 1/4" stock. Looking forward to your review.

I was thinking of ordering an RTAK also. I would love to hear your opinion of it.