Newt Livesay

Aug 13, 1999
I have been dealing with Newt over the last week, and I have to say. All companies that deal with the public should follow his lead. Not only are his knives as good as or better then any other knife, the do what they are designed to do at an extremely fair price.

Thanks Newt!

David Winnert
And he just keeps getting better at it too. Most companies forget about the small things that makes customers happy once they begin to sell a lot of product, but Newt's manages to always take time with his customers.

I guess he's probably working 25 hours a day, 8 days a week by now.

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I could not concur more with the above two posts. I am lucky in the fact that I live realitively close to Siloam Springs, so I've had the pleasure to visit Newt and see the shop. Newt was gracious and fielded all my esoteric quetions and showed me quite few pieces that definitely are out of the ordinary. He could have not been nicer.

As for the knives, they are purpose built, and are of the highest quality. They aren't art knives, but are 100 percent functional. All come with equally awesome kydex rigs. Newt has manged to produce a wide range of blades at prices that doesn't break the normal budget. How I wish I had run across his knives while in the Army. None better, especially at the price.

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hey guys,
I would have to agree...newt is a stud. he makes great knives for a fair price. his knives take a good edge and hold it well...i don't have any complaints, just compliments.
He is very personal too....he remembered me. Thats very cool...he also is patient and gave me lots of time to ask him questions about knife making. He is a great guy that makes great knives
Interesting you said Newt remebered me. I have a pretty memorable last name, but this example really impressed me...I emailed Newt about 9 months ago, probably, asking him if he made blades avaialble that I could finish as a kit knife. He said no, and that was that. A couple weeks ago I ordered a Titanium Tiger and he says "have you emailed me before? Your name seems familiar..." I thought it was cool!

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Of course I am planning on remedying that fairly quickly here.

Hi, I agree. what a pleasure it is to deal with Newt. my #131 air assault is due any day now . if it is half as good as every one claims..I'll cancell ALL my Busse backorders. I don't treat my customers the way Mr Busse has treated me,(would not get a 2nd chance) dealing with VISA @ least makes people accountable. In my dealings with people on this subject, every one has been straight up.. with one exception. sorry, I don't want to be a party pooper, but I'm spitting the dummy on this one. W
Does someone know if Newt is still making those belt adapters for the kydex neck-knife sheaths? I recently got a Woo and would like to make it a belt carry.

How do I contact Mr. Livesay?

He is a man of integrity in an age when they are rare.

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I just received two neck knives from Newt. I'm carrying the Titanium Tiger right now. It's very thin (blade is less than 1/16" thick). The blade has some ugly character to it...but in a good way...I like it! The belt clips are available. They're only $4 each. I bought one for each knife.
White Knight

I also have the Titanium Tiger......ugly little beast! But I bet you could make someone have a bad day with it. Aslo, I have a Woo around my neck right now. The Woo is probally the best neck knife in the cost/performance catagory around.
you should be pleased with the air assualt. I got mine about five months ago. Really thick hollow ground blade. It works great for light chopping. i thought is was finished off superbly with the final grinding. It is a very sturdy knife, holds a great edge. I have it sharpened so it is more a razor than a lasting cutting edge but it still had a good edge after cutting 60 some pieces of 1 inch hemp rope. i think you will be pleased.
Livesays customer service is truly the best. All else has been said. Great service, great prices, great product.

I love my titanium tiger. Only Neck knife I will wear.