Newt's $20 G-45 Neck Knife

Jan 21, 1999
Folks -- I'm still in the market for an inexpensive neck knife. I just found a Newt Lindsay G-45 neck knife made of 1095 tool steel, paracord wrapped handle, partly serrated blade, and with a kydex sheath -- all for $20 at Close Quarters Solution ( ). Should I grab one?

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I need one right now. This looks like a good buy to me. I'm surprised I hadn't seen this site recently. It's got a link from Newt Livesay's site.

I'm ordering one. Thanks for posting the site.

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Well, I ordered the G-45. They have an 888 number for ordering. I used that number because their secure server won't be up for a couple more weeks. Their hours are 9:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

I've had my eye on that neck knife for at least a year or so. About time I got it.

Are you talking about the "WOO KNIFE" ?
Let me know. I was surfing today and found
a photo of a Laci Szabo neck knife for $75.00
Not cheap but very usable. A curved handle
with a 3" double edged blade. This design
would work well for slashing and thrusting
without slipping out of your hands.
Unfortunately AOL cut me off. I can't access
the site anymore. Does anyone out there know
about the knife I'm talking about? If Szabo
has a web site can somEone let me know. I
haven't been able to find it on my server.


Sal*************THE SICILIAN
No, Sal, the Woo is different. You might want to check Close Quarter Solution's site at the URL I wrote above.

Bob -- I'd be very interested if you write a mini-review on your G-45. I'll wait for it, ok?
Sal -- you can reach Szabo's site by following a link at ...

Be glad to. I've had a stiff kiss for quite awhile. I like the stiff kiss a lot because it's decent steel at a very low cost. Any review I do will make some comparisons between these two neck knives.
Also take a look at the Outdoor Edge "Wedge". For me, it's the ideal size and weight for a neck knife. Plus, it's under $20.
I have several of the Wicked Knives (bought them from price on the knives, seems to be a good value. They are inexpensive, hold an edge well and the kydex is first rate. Got my vote for the inexpensive knives class.
okay, looked for a long time, but couldn't find it. could someone post the URL for Laci Szabo's site?


Stay Sharp,
Joe S.
I just visited the CQS website and have decided to order a Executive Woo and a G-45. At $22 I don't see how I could go wrong. A small inexpensive neck knife is just what I have been looking to take to Central America.
Sal, I know what your talking about, I traded the Szabo Mini UUK last year. It wasn't my style.

Joe, there is no URL for Laci. Just the P.O.Box number deal at Knifecenter.
DEFINITELY get a knife from Newt! (Just replace the parachute cord with breakaway unless you want to be garroted.) He stands behind his products. I believe I am going to be sending my cherished Woo to my little brother and ordering one of his newer or updated models of neck knife.
ok, I got Newt Levesay's G-45 via USPS yesterday.

I put a mini review into the Reviews forum.
Hey, if y'all are looking for perhaps the ultimate hideout, sure look at Newt Livesay's Woo or SOP, but I just bought one of his NRG (Energy!) neck carry specials and not only was it $20.00, but it is also not made of metal. Including the sheath the rig weighs about 1 ounce and will apparently puncture a car door. It is also designed to snap at the handle juncture if one gives it a sharp jerk to the side, leaving a nasty item inside your target. Sold for informational purposes only, of course. Tell Newt I sent you. I own several of his pieces now and will be procuring a coupl more soon.

On the subject of Outdoor Edge's wedge, it tends to slip around in my hand and I do not like this tendency in any razor sharp knife. You do get a hell of a good bargain for, in my case, eleven dollars. Nice sheath design, but the handle needs some sort of heavy duty texturing.


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I've seen the NRG. Nifty design(I think had some awhile back). It isn't really made to cut very much. I believe its made out of G10, so I imagine you can sharpen it with a fingernail file, or alittle sandpaper. I doubt you could get much of an edge on it, but no telling. The NRG is better then the Cold Steel CAT tanto, but not as good as a MadDog Frequent Flyer. Hope this helps.