Next Generation Ka-Bar is SWEET


Jul 15, 1999
Hey there guys. I know how bad it hurst to get that first scratch on a new blade! But today I took the new knife out and put her through the paces. I havent used the knife in the week that i have had it, so it had its original out of the box, hair flingin edge. Well it kept that edge for a hair an hour of sweatin, numbing, workout. It chopped through 15 pieces of hard wood 4 inches thick, with no prob, cut rope like a charm and to finnaly dull it i split all the wood that i just cut! I figured i would need days to sharpen it again, but 5 mins on an easy stone had it to a sharper edge than the first place. So if you want a great knife this is a must have! Thanks and happy cuttin Geoff
I love that knife too, my current favorite. Some people fail to see why it is better than a regular Ka-Bar; I guess you have to use one to see why.
Did you get the regular one, or the figher Next Generation 8inch?
hey TUFF the fighting/utility one 7" blade new kydex sheath, its awesome!
Gunner and Tuff, is the ka-bar's you have made from 12c27 stainless? Is the ka-1222, regular stainless any good? I was looking at a plain edge stainless, will it hold and edge and sharpen like you described? Thanks
Yeah the KaBar I described is stainless steel, and it holds an edge better thatn the original in my opinion. And sharpens as easy as pie! Its a great choice for the money! Geoff
Hi. I was told that the Next Gens use a hollow grind. I can't seem to tell myself. Does anyone know if this is true? =)

I picked up two of these Next Generations recently on trades. I think they are both pretty nice knives. One has the plain edge and leather sheath, while the other has the partial serrated edge and the fancy kydex sheath. Both are new in box. I plan on selling these to pay for a new custom bowie due to be delivered soon. Email me privately if interested. Thanks.

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On Friday I received one of the new D2 Extreme Ka Bars and is this baby ever sharp. Have not put it to many tests yet but so far it seems to hold its edge forever on cardboard and bamboo. That black blade is very cool and the new Eagle sheath can be attached to just about any form of carry. Kind of pricey but I think it will be worth it.
The same day I received my new Talonite Talon and a Busse Mean Street so I have lots of edges to test for awhile!!

Bremerton, Washington

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Is the D2 Extreme Ka-Bar only available in partially serrated edge?

The D2 Extreme comes in 6 different blade type's
1 Clip w/ 1.25" Serrations
2 Clip, Plain
3 Drop point w/1.25" Serrations
4 Drop point, Plain
5 Tanto, Plain
6 Spear point, Plain

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I think that kdarmy is describing the D2 extreme folder. They do come in a variety of blade shapes,however, the D2 Extreme Ka Bar fighting knife just comes in the partially serrated edge at this time. The choices are either with a leather sheath or the Eagle sheath. I got the Eagle sheath and promptly inserted a Leatherman Wave in its pocket.
D2 makes a great blade but so does the Talonite and the INFI.
If you like Ka Bar fighter designs then you will love it in D2!

Bremerton, Washington

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Where can I find a picture of this D2 Extreme with "Eagle" sheath that has a pocket which will hold a Leatherman Wave?

All of this sounded good until I checked the KaBar link off of DK's site and only saw a Next Generation Fighting Knife with a Kydex sheath, no pocket? Is the NG Fighting Knife the same as a D2 Extreme, was I looking at the wrong thing?

Where could I purchase a D2 Extreme with this eagle Sheath that holds a Wave? Or, Where could I find a Kydex sheath for my Wave that can also hold a 6" or 7-1/2" knife?

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