Next sebbie;plain or classic


Jan 15, 2005
I am planning to get new small sebbie to replace my L.plain one. Classic or plain? Are there any "BIG" differences of the two.

The regular has a thinner pointier tip, and the thumb cut outs are different, other than that, none that I can see.
I find the Classic easier to open and much, much easier to close. As said the blades are slightly different and the butt on the handle is slightly different also.
I find the Classic is easier to close.The deeper cut-out allows more of my thumb to disengage the lockbar.I also find the Classic to be more visually appealing.That said,I have one of each and love 'em both.:)
I like the regular over the classic. Just seems more ergonomic to me. It also does not seem difficult at all to open and close. You can't go wrong either way.
This is why CRK offers both. Go down to your local "sharp toy store" and fondle both. While you're there you may want to support them with a purchase.