NIB Schrades posted wrong Sorry


Sep 24, 2003
firingpin said:
I just bought several of the Schrades NIB

I have no clue as to what they might be worth any help .Thanks in advance

Gran dads old timer 1974 ltd edition
Teddy Roosevelt ltd edition tr1
Paul revere ltd pr2
Will Rogers ltd
Kentucky rifle cm 1 1750 to 1880
PLUS some imperial Buffalo Bills
American eagle comm first series patrick henry first series John admans
third series Nathan hale fourth series Thomas Jefferson.

All are new in box.

You got some nice ones there, FiringPin. The Kentucky rifle we've been discussing in another thread. Value based on last two on ebay: $60. Here:

We recently discussed he American Eagle 'Bicentenials' as well, a Jm Parker issue. Value? From what I see about $35 each. Here is the thread.

As for the Buffalo Bill Imperial, again, we covered that not long ago:

I have a couple of the other ones you list, doesn't really matter what I paid for them.. best place for you to check current market value is Ebay.

Thanks for stopping by, again, those are nice knives, I would expect all of them to hold their price well, or gain in future years.