Nice set-up but who makes the knives?

Discussion in 'JSP BladeRigger Forum' started by golok, May 7, 2003.

  1. golok


    Oct 20, 2000
    I was a bit curious about JSP Bladerigger so I took a peek at its website.

    Some of the knives on display are indeed very nice. That Archangel No.1 caught my eyee. A touch of Japanese influence on the handle cover.

    But who makes all those knives? I am more than a bit curious.

    Anyway, one doesn't read much about JSP knives in knife magazines.
    Are the people involved active. If so, where?
  2. DANJ


    Dec 24, 2001
    James S. Piorek makes everything. I am kind of dissapointed that he does not update his site with new products often. The only thing i have handled is the V Gar which i own and a fixed which i checked out at a knife show, i was really impressed. I ordered some stuff from him in January and he told me that i "haven't seen anything yet" and "the site would soon be updated." I guess its kind of tough with a one man operation. I don't know whats going on but i hope he comes out with some new cool stuff pretty soon.
  3. wvrtr


    Mar 28, 2003
    I own a koppo and wang bo sticks and the v-gar system. The fit and finish of these is beyond compare as is the service James gives. Well worth the money! Give him a call he will give you the run down on his products. I have put my products with JSP on the line and they have never failed me!

  4. brownie0486


    Apr 6, 2003
    Have owned a bamboo kwaiken from James since 1992. Got the shoulder harness and jsp static cord sheath for it at that time.

    Also recently purchased the v-gar system and wear it everyday now.

    James makes all the knives, I'm not sure who does the sheaths but I suspect it is James as well.

    That kwaiken is the knife people gravitate to when shown samples of the collection I have amassed over the years. Most think it is the best knife I own even over the Bagwell Hells Belle or Ed Fowler knife with Rambouliet sheep horn handle.

    I carry the shoulder rig often enough and hardly ever use the static cord setup as I carry two defensive folders and a firearm as well so there isn't room for the static cord tucked into the waistband of the pants as a rule.

    Ocassionally I'll leave one of the EDC defensive folders home in lieu of the kwaiken in the static cord sheath but I really like the shoulder rig.

    When I first met James he would not make his shoulder harness for anything but his own products, however that has changed over the years and I will be getting a custom rig made for the Belle as well before the years out.

    His products are some of the best offered in the market and his sheathing systems are the ultimate for concealed carry in my opinion.

    You can't go wrong with anything James puts his hands to from what I've seen and heard others testify to over the years.

    BTW--James was using A-2 steel exclusively at the time I hooked up with the kwaiken. I think that is still the case. It was the first A-2 knife I owned and I have to say, the more I use that knife the more I like A-2 steel in my blades, trouble is, not many knives are made with it so the choices are slim out there. The kwaiken takes and holds an edge that is "scary sharp".

  5. RL


    Aug 24, 1999
    Actually, if I am not mistaken, James does not make everything...the blades marked "Bladerigger" are semi-custom, meaning that James does all the final work but someone else does the initial stages...the blades marked "JSP" are true customs made by James from start to finish.

    I am a BIG fan of James' far, I have a karambit (with static cord sheath), a Spike (with forearm rig), a Spinal Backup rig for my Brend, and a shoulder harness for my Lightfoot LCA (see pic below)...I also have a V-Gar and wallet/CC knife on the way :)



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