Nice Traditional Blades/Weapons Site

Jan 7, 2003
In terms of traditional weapons, I've never been much of an academic unlike some of the acquaintances and fellow writers I've met who are serious researchers/historians/ethnographers/hoplologists.

I did just stumble onto this site though and it seems like a well-written and well-put together resource into our culture and weapon/arms typology. I was glad that to find out it was by a local (here that is). I specially like that it features detailed pics of the blades, and are they awesome!

He's got a Twitter account though and it does mention BF as a link in there so I'm guessing he might be frequenting this site as well? If so I'd rather he make his intros as I don't know him too. . . only if he so wishes that is :)

Anyways, more power kabayan! I enjoyed reading thru your site immensely! :thumbup: :cool:
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