Nicer, Better, Greater?!?

Oct 28, 1999
Hey guys, latly I've been seing many post about the Sebenza vs. the Apogee. Mostly I've heard that they are distinctly different but in an overall performance, design, and quality, I've been hearing the the Apogee comes out on top. Some say the difference is slight, other say it's definite.

Is it that much better?? Thanks for any info about it. I've been trying to decided whether I want another Sebenza, an Apogee, or an Elishewitz as my next baby.
Tell me what you think!


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Don't know much about the Apogee except that I really want one.
If it came down to it though, I don't know which I would choose.
I like the flat grind and slight recurve of the Apogee and would(if I had no experience with the Sebenza) pick it of the two as an initial buy. Now however, I would need to see, feel and use one to decide.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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i owned a sebenza and a friend of mine has 5 eleishewitz and one large apogee... to make it short, i would go for an apogee or an elishewitz...the apogee fits my hand better than the elishewitz but both are very well made so you would sure be happy with whatever you decide... my 2 cents