Jul 22, 2006
Okay I need alittle help from you guys. I have just recieved My nighthawk and I love it but I was wondering how good does this knife hold up and my finger gets black from the coating as if its coming off. Need Help.? any comments appreciated.
yes the Buck Night hawk I might of made it sound really bad but its just that if i rub the blade a little or anything like that my fingers will get alittle black on them.
thats weird, I'd sugest posting over on the buck section, probably get more of an anwsure. I really dont know anything about that, I dont think it should however. sry for not being much help :(
Do they still make the tanto? Been a long time and they may have changed, but when I handled both of the nighthawk knives from Buck, both seemed more like fighting knives than wilderness or survival types. Yours will probably work for you, but you may want to suppliment with other cutting tools.
loongbow I'm not saying you're wrong but on the buck site it says tactical/survival i think this will hold up good for me as I am only 16. Thanks for your input.
i`ve got the bigger clip point nighthawk , the coating wore off from sliding in and out of the sheath , in one place on the blade its worn down , and has a goldy/brassy appearance to it
I never thought, mabye from him taking it in and out of the sheath, it wares off some coating and then he gets it on his fingers when he touches the blade.
okay now that thats settled. How do you guys think this knife will hold up for me as a survival knife? I can't just go get another knife either.
I think it will do fine, The only thing i can think of is the 420HC loosing the edge quicker than you would like, I use a vanguard with bucks 420Hc and its fine, just as my 110, Actually I dont think you'll find anything wrong :)

have a good time!
I can take some pics If you'd like ;)

Just say it and it will be done.( I love taking pictures if you havent noticed, just as everyone else here)
alright here ya go :)



I love both of my bucks, I may not use my vanguard as much as i would like to ( just got the gromann ) but it makes a nice addition to any mans (or womens ) collection.