Nimravus and the X-42

Jan 24, 2001
I was wondering if anyone has compaired the X-42 with the Nimravus. They seem very similar to me, except the X-42 seem's to have the advantage in steel. Any thought's will be helpful.

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I did, sort of. Having both. Matter of fact I have 5 Nimravi now, serrated, non, cub, stripped, etc. All M2 steel though. And one Recondo.
Basically depends on your needs.

The overwhelming majority of my knife sorties are different cutting ones

In that area Nimravus is a definite winner.
For cutting it's much better of a knife than X42, especially that X42 comes with single bevel. Besides non-serrated area on X42 is smaller than on 940 Osborne blade... Nimravus has much more of the useful cutting edge length, non-serrated I mean.

For stabbing, especially punching holes in those aggressive steel drums, X42 is a winner apparently. Honestly I didn't stabbed any drums, steel or not, just because I don't have them around, but since X42 is a tanto point...

Overall I would say Nimravus is much better cutter than X42 and X42 is a better stabber, if you want both go for Nimravi, since the point strength difference is not that much significant IMHO.

The handle - X42 feels more comfortable in hand, I guess G10 on Nimravus is more durable though. Both knives are sporting notched thumbramps, to be honest none of them is very user friendly, especially for prolonged use, but X42 checkering is much more aggressive and hurts my thumb much more, however I guess you won't be using that ramp while stabbing drums and whatever else left and right. Just for the note, the best thumbramp notching I've ever seen and the most comfortable and useful was on Chris Reeve fixed blades. IO don't think it's too difficult to replicate that pattern, apparently there are other reasons for not doing it

Sheath - Recondo has a better one.

The steel - Well, I like M2 a lot, definitely a better one for the utility knives than Benchmade ATS-34.
Haven't had time to resharpen X42 to normal V grind, but Sergiusz wrote a good review earlier here, seems to be pretty tough.
I personally don't care about steel stainlessness, primarily edge holding and toughness. but if you do the go for BG-42..
However once again, Recondo has too small edge for standard cutting tasks, it's a stabber. If you need one there you go
I got it out of curiosity.

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