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Nimravus carry???


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Oct 5, 1998
How do you carry the Nimravus? I don't wear a belt. I found that it's comfortable to wear inside my pants next to my back on the left side. What are the general rules on carrying a fixed blade? Thanks -AR

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Though they say not to, it works well hanging upside down inside a winter coat's heavy-sewn inside pocket. Never had it fall out on me, but I could see how it might if I were jumping from rooftop to rooftop chasing that silly bunny and his pocketful of raspy razorcorned Yeltsin autographs. Must get more sleep. It does work pretty well despite the warnings.


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Hey, where did the bunny get the raspy razorcorned Yeltsin autographs! I knew I was missing something...

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Being left handed, inside the pants behind the left hip works great for me.

I love this knife!

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I will wear it SOB no clip with paracord static cord when it gets back from Newt. BM sheath sucked on mine, actually rattled i a kydex sheath and also sat way too high for comfort. I will also perhaps carry just in front of hip in the hollow between hip, groin and belly as this is way out of the way comfort-wise, fast to obtain knife and very discrete (Try it by tucking nimrod in pants...foresake the clip with this endeavor for the momment)
I've had mine for about two months and carry it daily, for about 10hrs/day, as a boot knife. I thought that the sheath was a little loose fitting and drilled another hole in the top and added another stud.