Nimravus & Cub edge geometry question

Oct 12, 1998
Do the BM Nimravi sport substantially thinner edges than the typical BM folder? I am thinking about getting a BM Cub in M2 steel, but I think that I'll probably need to reprofile the edge to 'fit' my spyderco Sharpmaker 40 degree settings.

Also, what is the quality control on the Nimravi, just as spotty as with the folders? I would think this is not such an issue with the Nimravus, as it is a fixed blade (easier to manufacture), and a lot of people here seem to like their Nimravus a lot!
Nope, same edge geometry. QC on mine is exceptional, as it has been on every BM I've handled. I think the few QC issues have been vastly blown out of proportion, and I have never heard of BM not fixing them courteously and at their own expense.


Hi Guys....

I'll have to agree with Eutopia...

Every BM I own,,even ones that I have optained through trades that were used, are Top Notch...

I've got probably 8-10 BMs,both FB and folders and they are all perfect..

Not sure where the QC issues are coming from though.. No problems here...

I also like my Nimravi,,and BMs in general,,Very much...

Not sure about the blade geometry though...

ttyle Eric....

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I think the few QC issues have been vastly blown out of proportion

This matches my impressions on BM quality exactly! I have 7 (seven!) BM's and no one quality problem. Of course a lemon can slip through QC of each manufacturer but if BM do fix a problem in reasonable time limit and on their cost (and they do) you have no worries in this matter.

My Nimravus Cub in M-2 steel is one nicely designed and well-made small fixed blade. It is a bit too small for camping and outdoor use but it is very reasonably sized for concealed carry in urban environment. It is very sensible alternative for tactical folder, definitely you can't go wrong with this knife.
I like the Nimravus, the design is great. The factory edge geometery was terrible however. The secondary bevels were very thin and ground very obtuse. It took two straight hours with DMT stones to get them to about 17 degrees per side (35 degrees inclusive) now it slices great. I've used mine everywhere from the kitchen to the boat (it makes a great dive knife actually).
I have not bought another BM since though as the obtuse grind seems standard. I'd love a 710, 750 and 940, great designs, good materials, although the ATS-34 is heat treated to hard in my opinion, I would sacrifice some abrasion resistance to gain impact resistance, it seems somewhat brittle as is. Also the new style sheath is terrible, modify it or buy an On Scene Tactical Concealex or Newt Livesay Kydex sheath.

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Thanx for the quick replies. I actually have one BM AFCK, but I sorta handpicked it in the store for proper liner lock-up etc. , but I never bought a BM over the net (unseen). But your posts are encouraging, it's now on the list, so to speak.