Nimravus Cub?

Jan 9, 2006
Does anybody know why the Benchmade Nimravus Cub was discontinued? Speculation, even? It seems like it was fairly popular back when it was in production...

Also, if anyone has any, I'd like to see pictures comparing the Cub with the full-size Nimravus.
Fairly certain it is discontinued, but it can still be found NIB. Purchased a satin 440c a couple months ago new on a well known auction site at a very reasonable price. Have not used it much yet, but really like the size.
I have a 440c cub and it is a GREAT knife! easy to sharpen, and I'm not afraid to hurt it. The sheath TOTALLY sucked (mine was the kydex one, not the newer thermoplastic spider-man looking one), so I took it apart and re-designed it... MUCH to success! All it took was a hair dryer, towels to hold the new molded shape while cooling, a drill, and the use of MAJOR calluses (sp?). nice knife...
I'm guessing that it's just the usual turnover. Knuts are always looking for something new. (Non-knuts just go buy something cheap and get on with life.) Companies that deliver the new stuff make money. Companies exist to make money. If all you really need is a tool to cut something, there are plenty of choices.

I'm guessing that when sales drop to a certain point, or don't pass a certain point in a reasonable amount of time, the model gets axed. Those that survive will be the popular ones. Darwinism in the market.

That said, I unloaded my Cub because the handle wasn't to my taste. It was much smaller diameter than I like, and I have smallish hands. For a small utility type knife, I thought that it had an awfully thick blade. The sheath sucked. If I had a brain I would just go buy a Mora or three and be done with it:D