Nimravus cub???

Oct 6, 1998
Hi all!

Please give me some opinions about tha BM Nimravus cub, i got a full-size Nimravus which i like a lot!
How does the smaller knife fit in the hand??

I was thinking about maybe carrying this knife instead of a folder, good idea??

As always, any help appreciated!
Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

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I have both models of the Nimravus and am pleased with each. I find that my hands are usually more comfortable with a larger handle/knife but the Nimravus Cub feels great in my hand.

I haven't really used the Cub very hard yet but I look forward to putting it through its paces next Spring.

If you really like the looks of the Nimravus but are more interested in a folder, take a look at the BM750 Pinnacle/Monolock (or whatever else it might be called.) It uses the same Elishewitz blade design with a Chris Reeve-esque handle design. Plus, the 750 opened is somewhat larger than the Nimravus Cub and smaller than the full size Nimravus.

Each knife has strengths and weaknesses depending on intended use. I prefer the Cub if I can carry it but find the 750 much easier to explain--if necessary.

Hope some of this helps,


Thanks for the help!
Always nice to hear opinions before buying!

Brian_T, i got the mono-lock, just doesn't like the looks of it...but it's a good knife!

Thanx again.
Be well!/Jonas

"May all your detonations be expected"

2sharp, I have the Cub in M2, and love it. If fixed blade carry is an option, I would pick this over any other Benchmade knife, and most other knives in that price range (so excluding customs). The blade shape is great, the tip is strong, with the spine similar to the tip of the Stryker, but not a tanto obviously. It fits my hand GREAT, although I don't have particularly large hands. I just can't recommend this knife enough.
I can carry it easily concealed under just an overshirt, let alone a sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket. I modified my sheath carry system a little, so that it can be carried inside the waist band.

It just a ****ing staple!!
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