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Nimravus durability testing and usage testing

Dec 13, 2000
I'm new here so forgive me if this has been covered in great detail. I've searched around in the forums and found one "review" but that was it. Where can I find good quality reviews or testing data that has been performed on BM's Nimravus? Also, have there been any reviews or discussion by folks who have really used this knife and tested it's abilities in areas from defense to daily practicality? I've got a BM Ares that I just can't say enough good things about, and I'm strongly considering hunting down a used Nimravus as my carry fixed blade.

Thank you in advance for your input. Oh yeah, where's the cheapest place to buy new knives, just in case I can't find a good used one?

Hey Nobody...

As a defensive blade,, this is what I carry most of the time. It's a nice blade for this duty...

I guess it will also depend on what else you plan on doing with the knife..

Different people define "daily use" in different ways..

Other than that it's a Great knife..



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Thanks for the link Cliff. Great review. I seem to remember reading some of Fred's reviews on the Benchmade forum.

I didn't make any durability tests on my full-sized Nimravus (ATS-34) and Nimravus Cub (M-2) but I use them for some time and I like them a lot.
Maybe some info you can find here could be useful for you.

BTW, Welcome to the Forums