Nimravus in M2. just touch it and you want it !

Oct 16, 1998

I got the chance to test and carry a Nimravus cub in M2 HSS.

This is a really good alternative to a folder.

I was just wondering who also has tried and (surely) bought that little fixed blade.

The ergonomy (a real pleasure to use), the balance(the knife cries to be used), the steel (a mega carbon steel coated with on of the best coating), the style (the lines are gorgeous)...

In once dreamed of a AFCK fixed blade version. The Nimravus is my dream comed true.
Solid as a rock and really sexy.

A state of The Art little fixed blade in a big world of folders made by people who also knows what folders mean.
It's a Stand.

Also IMHO Spyderco Moran Lovers should really enjoy that knife as the Cub is a winner for me. I prefer it over my excellent Moran. (The moran got also strong points like a isolated handle and a light weight... but the Nimravus got something wild, hard to describe)

FOr the test I have done this week end. The knife just stays sharp like it was out of the box: hair popping.
I have been cutting in plastics and in hard wood all sunday (preparing a set for a video shooting). The coating is not scratched and the edge is still the same razor edge.

The Nimravus Cub is perfection and allready a classic.
It desserves much more attention.



PS: With Fred Perrin will have an hard review of the Nimravus in M2 (long and short blade) with comparaison tests with Sean MAcwilliams forged Cpm440V coming this fall.
#1 - How big is it?

#2 - How much?

#3 - what kind of steel? (Ats-34?)

Saw it, didn't know how good it was, does look nice though.

No it's not ATS34 but you can found it ATS34 and even partially serrated.

It's M2 HSS steel a excellent carbon steel but not stainless even if it's hard to stain it.

The blade is 3.65" !

You can find a lot of pictures here

Also you can check the price !


In every way except stain resistance, but it comes with the BT2 Benchmade teflon coating, so corrosion is not a problem with any of the Benchmade M-2 blades.

And that's where the design really shine.
A fixed blade with a excellent carbon steel coated with hight tech BT2.

The after you got to feel the knife.

The Cub as her Mother are perfectly balanced as much as for utility as for self defense.

Even worse...

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OK Nemo,
I'm sold.
I'm impressed with my Nimravus full size, now you've got me wanting the M2 Cub.
If this storm doesn't flood us out, I'm going down to Ruff's tomorrow and pick one up.
Where will it all end?
I can already hear it, "What?!! Another knife?!! What are you POSSIBLY going to use this one for?!"

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I know , I know...

Got the same sentences but translated in french...

I also recently handled the Cub, but the sheath prevented me from buying it. This knife would be well suited with an IWB sheath, yet the sheath does not seem to offer this option. The sehath also seemed a bit bulky for urban carry....too bad because I love the knife!

it's easy to do it with.

You put away the kydex loop.

you got now two usefull hole in the sheath.

Take a 550 para cord and put it in the hole and you create your own loop for HWC.

You can do it in kydex also by using the belt loop.
To eat the kydex, use your hoven but don't forget your gloves !

There is so many solutions !
Just be a little creative...


Nemo is absolutely right,
if it doesn't work for you, modify it!
There are no rules saying you can't change a carry system to suit your indivdual needs.
For example:I want to carry my Nimravus upside down in a suit pocket, but the retention of the sheath is a little too loose.
Solution: I drilled a hole about 3/8" above where the kydex strap for the boot clip screws to the sheath itself and riveted it.
Now it is perfect for that application. It's not too tight, but it is tight enough so that the knife cannot be shaken out of the sheath during an inverted carry, and it does not pull off of your belt when it is clipped there either.
Very easy to do.
An already good thing made even better!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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Misque you are right,

knives are tools to be creative.

Creativity in utility chores and creativity in self defense.

It's much more harder than a button/trigger to pull or push. That's why knives are ancient tools used for so many tasks when modern tools are ultra specialized and kill creativity.



misque, that's scary. I did the exact same thing to mine. It is easily tight enought to use as a neck knife now. Good thing, too, because that is the sharpest blade I've encountered since... hmmm... either of my Natives. But in a better steel.

Ooooh.... I love that Cub.

Work hard, play hard, live long.


the Kydex desserve some drilled holes à la Piorek and his V-Static cord.

Very easy to do it at home.


Modification is great. I modified the sheath of my CRK Shadow IV, carefully removed the belt loop. And I now use the 'upper' holes to carry it a la Piorek Static Cord. Works great! It improves the concealment of this knife (and comfort!) by 100%. The only 'problem' is the retaining strap, which can be undone by the way. Untill I get some kydex to experiment with, it works just fine!
A question: If you remove the belt clip from the full sized Nimravus, is the sheath still firmly held together? Could I remove the clip and use some paracord and still have a solid sheath, in the pictures I don't see any other screws in the sheath?
I think so.

I don't have the sheath next to me anymore as Fred is testing the Nimravus in his fields...

Kydex is easy to drill or improve with a little flame.


Played a full size version
at a local shop, love it!

BTW, Any meaning of this name?
James, or anyone can tell me?

Going to buy one of these by the end of the year hopefully. Hopefully is the key word...