Nimravus in M2?

Mar 29, 1999
Does somebody know if Benchmade make Nimravus in M2? I wasn't able to find it on the Net, but "my trusted knifeseller" says he has one. I have to go to see...

Moreover, does someone know if CRKT M-16 is in AUS6 or in AUS8, and what HRC? On the Net I read AUS8 HRC 57-58, in a catalogue from CRKT I read AUS6 HRC ??.


I had several shipped Monday. The M2 models seem to be surfacing on a more regular schedule now.

Do a search in this forum for the M-16 and you will find my mini-review.

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I now have direct knowledge that the M2 Nimravus is coming out of the pipeline.

For future reference, the M2 Axis Lock is close enough to reality that I and my distributors can be on back order status.

James (lots of questions for you tonight),

Will BM be offering both the 710 and the 705? Do you know what the MSRP of the M2 versions will be?

Thanks for the look down the pipeline

The M2 Nimravus just became available in the plain edge version. We'll have some in on Wednesday. The price is $109.95 and it's already commerce enabled on our site. Take care.

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Does anyone know (roughly) how much stronger an M2 blade, such as on the Nimravus/AFCK, is than the more common ATS34? I've heard anecdotes about M2 AFCK tips being stronger, but nothing that quantifies it.

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