nimravus or camillus CQB?

Vote for the Cub in M2 myself, the knife just fits my hand very nicely, and the blade shape works well for most of what I ask it to do, and no, I am not called upon to stab people very often, though there are a few that tempt me
Just kidding of course.


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G2 LeatherWorks
Wow, Anthony!
Modesty is nice until it is not exaggerated. I have read some your writings in Tactical Knives. Not too much because this magazine isn't available here, friend sends me sometimes from Canada. But I like a lot what I have read

As to Polish knife and gun laws - it is a topic for another discussion, here it would be somewhat off-topic. This moment I have to deal with some urgent writings. When I'll have a bit looser time I'll post this writing on Knife Law Forum and e-mail you a link. OK?
Just FYI, I got a Brigade Quartermasters catalog today, and they have the CQB2 in it for $99.99, IIRC. That appears to be not a bad price. And I think they have a web set at .