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  1. Napalmsloth


    Sep 16, 2018
    I've been wanting to try out Kizer knives since first seeing them. Yesterday, two Kizer knives arrived at my door.

    The first one is the Kizer Pinch. I wanted a Sodbuster profiled knife, but wanted a more modern approach. The scales are black G10, and are nicely textured. I like the easy opening, but closing the knife seems a little too easy. I think think the detent needs to be a little stiffer.
    it came razor-hair-popping sharp, so time will tell on how long the edge will last. Overall, I'm pleased with it, and will carry it as a work knife.

    The second knife is the Kizer Mini-Begliter from Blade HQ. I love this little knife. Super sharp. Nice medium blue G10 scales feels good in my hands. I must have smaller hands because I can get all four fingers around it comfortably. The thumbstud opening takes a little time to master, but I think I got it. Another good thing is that it fits vertically in the coin pocket of my jeans. This one will be in my EDC carry rotation.

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    Feb 5, 2010
    Kizer really makes some great knives, at reasonable pricepoints.

    The Tomcat Splinter is one of my favorite go-to EDC blades.

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