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No GW's in store, maybe later tonight???

Ok, I'm tightly wound, and just grabbed 2 that I'll throw back, don't need BUT... I feel like PAVLOV's DOGS "DING!!" ...Clickclickclickclick! LOL OK, I'll wait 30 sec, throw 2.. :D
I got a few more to throw... These definitely don't seem to be attracting the masses or everyone's still away on holiday... Maybe I should grab a few extra for those who aren't around tonight... Anyone see Schuey, roppda, mercmaster, gravelface... jimmyjones? I know that I'm missing a few folks regularly seen at these 'feedings'...
How have you all kept them in your basket so long? I don't get it:confused: Why didn't they just get dumped after 15 min?
ok, just snagged one that I think Jaxx tossed back? Is anybody still in need???
LMK before you thow anything back... I will buy it of of you. Everytime I check the store there are no GWs.

Give a fellow Hog a break here.
I picked up two a couple minutes ago. I realized that I had two and I threw one back.:thumbup: