No, I don't want a macrame basket hanger!

Sep 21, 1999
Recently there was a thread on tying/making one's own lanyards. I seem to have some spatial inability tied to an extreme lack of patience that prevents me from making all but the most simple of lanyards.

Does anyone here know or know of anyone who can make really nice and functional lanyards?
There must be some retired Boatswain's Mate or someone in the wide world who can make nice looking stuff from nylon (or other materials) and knots. Who is that person?
We have plenty of knife artisans, where is the rope artisan who isn't afraid to attach some line to a knife?

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William Pitt, 1783

Send me the knife, the material you want to use for the lanyard or fob, a description of what you want (length, # of wraps), return postage and insurance money, and I'll put a scaffold knot on for free.