no lectures please

Jun 30, 2001
Hi guys,
Thought I'd clarify a couple of things.Firstly, to Eric B.,
I'm not sure what you meant by 'knife condoms'. Were
you suggesting that I would open a folder while it was
in a bag? Seems a strange direction to go in. Secondly,
as a knifemaker and former soldier I fully understand the
importance of a 'tool' (knife), and breaking in a defensive
weapon (gun). I also believe that a much used tool can
be cared for in a way to keep wear and tear to a minimum.
In all fairness I should have included in my previous thread
that I also carry a 'thrasher' or 'don't care if it gets scuffed'
blade'(as long as it's a non Emerson). I do appreciate
that you keep your knives in a vault though.It sounds like
you love knives as much as I do. Finally, thanks to 'Apthartos'
for his supportive thread! S.

Here you asked for opinions by asking the members of this forum if you were "going too far" and if you were "too obsessive" because you carry around your edc's in ziplock bags. You yourself answered your own questions by saying "probably". I didn't lecture you. I merely affirmed your suspicions of yourself with my own opinion. Ask and ye shall receive.
My cracks about the bags ripping during waving, and knife condoms were sarcasm. I'm sorry that this was beyond your grasp.
Bottom line? Don't ask for opinions around here unless you can handle them, good or bad.
Now, since you're fairly new here, I actually held back a bit on my reply. I was as polite as I deemed necessary. What I should have said is that it's nearly comical that you carry your edc's in ziplock bags. Do you also have those clear plastic covers on your living room furniture? Do you drive around town with a car cover on your car? Do you wear slip-on rubber booties so that your shoes don't get dirty no matter what the weather? Do you live in a plastic bubble and sleep in an oxygen chamber??
Emerson knives are hard-use knives. When the Bad Guy approaches you, just say "Pardon me while I carefully remove my knife from it's sterile zip-lock surroundings", and as he's laughing just thrust it into his throat and twist. At least the bag will keep the blade free of fingerprints in case you drop it and run.
Oh, and welcome to the Emerson Forum :rolleyes: was a serious post? I thought the whole thing was like...a joke.
I take it seriously, because there's three big groups of people that have three types of attitudes about their "stuff".

1) People who buy something to use it and don't pay a whole lot of attention to the condition. These are the type of people who buy brand new pickups, never wash them, scratch the heck out of them, etc.

2) People who buy stuff and obsess over the condition of it, to the point where they can't bring themselves to use it for fear of causing harm to it's condition. These would be the kind of people who buy a BMW and keep it in the garage under a cover while they drive around their 85 nissan.

3) The probably larger group of people who buy good tools, good cars, etc and buy them to use them, yet they do their best to keep them in the best possible condition.

Not too long ago I was 2. Now I'm more like 3. It sounds like sharpseeker may be 2. Now, of course, the categories can be more broad, and it's not that simple, but I think the 3 provide a good overview of the situation. "Knife condoms" aka ziplock bags may be a bit excessive. Now if they were made of leather, and had a clip on them(William Henry clip pouch)....... If you guys didn't catch that, I was trying to throw in a bit of sarcasm. ;)
There's one more category of knife users Aphthartos didn't mention -- Category 4, people who use their knives and restore them whenever they get scratched or worn.

Just pick up a quart of muriatic acid at your local hardware store. Put the scratched knife in an aluminum pan, cover with muriatic acid, and bring to a rolling boil for 20 minutes or until the scratch is gone. Repeat any time your knife gets a scratch.

Or you can use Knifebomber's method: drop the knife out of a helicopter onto rocks, repeat until the scratch is no longer visible. (May take several drops. Choose a drop area with granite, sandstone, or hard arkansas rocks if available. Be careful not to lose the knife; they can bounce farther than you might expect....)
Upon further review as a non-emerson neutral party, I have made a determination on your condition. First, take a Xanex.(pronounced Zanex) Then, go see a therapist, or vise versa. Why in the hell would you carry a knife you wouldn't want to use? I can understand having collectible knives, user knives, and then abuser knives. Emersons fall into all three catagories. What type of knives are you carrying in these baggies? If they are collectibles, you are retarded and need help. If they are users, you are retarded and need help. If they are abusers, you are retarded and need help. Don't carry a collectible, and don't bag the users or abusers. I believe you have what is called Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. Hence, the Xanex. Do you find yourself washing your hands 20 to 30 times a day? Do you place a plastic sheet on your own toilet when you are ready to squat? If so, I think that Depak Chopra or maybe some other guy would be in your future. Or, there could be one other possible explaination for the whole scenario. Are you gay?!?! That would explain it. In conclusion: If you aren't gay, get some drugs, see a shrink, and then move on with life as a happy and well medicated user of knives. Oh, wait, if you are on drugs, they should take the knives away.

Cougar, I dropped it into the sands of Kuwait in an effort to sand blast the scuffs out with our rotor wash. Maybe it wasn't such a well thought out plan after all. :(

Eric, thanks for the invite on this thread. I am so glad I could offer my opinion on this.
I had never quite thought of it that way... but knifebomber has illuminated the situation. Good point. :eek:
Gee Bomber, what are you trying to say? Quit holding back and tell us how you REALLY feel! You guys that hold your feelings in, and keep everything all bottled up all the time really worry me. Have you considered taking an Assertiveness Training Course?



That's the great thing about living in Arkansas. It's so easy to sharpen my knives, I just walk out in the yard and pick up an Arkansas Stone and go to work.
My only problem is finding one o' them there SOFT Arkansas Stones, they all feel pretty hard to me.

Sorry guys, I've just been getting WAY too serious in the Political forum lately and needed to bust wise for a few. Thanks for the GREAT opportunity!
Strafted by a Strider Guy.... If you think the Emerson Forum can be sporty at times; well you have'nt seen 'nuttin. For Strider dudes it isn't so much flames as it is the intensity of said flame. Them guys use Plasma Cutters to cut thier Red Meat. :) :D