NO WIMPS: best tools to complement your knife

It's now Y2K and space aliens (or worse, your in-laws and all your ex-girl/boyfriends) are descending on your bunker, so you flee to another planet which shares earth's habitable atmosphere and strikingly resembles a Hollywood outdoor set for Star Wars Phantom Menace.

But there are no signs of civilization (i.e., no knife makers/manufacturers or hardware stores, only a McDonalds!). Tomorrow, all other Earthlings fleeing in-laws/ex's will arrive, so you alone must build Rome in one day.

OK, you have your Ultimate Knife (or Knives) custom-made by master artisan Yoda. What other carry-on-person tools would you have?

Two I can think of are the Pocket Chainsaw and the U-Dig-It folding hand shovel.

What else? Or would you resign yourself to failure and return to the suburbs?


PS There are no grizzlies or rabid beavers on the planet, and Darth Vader has retired; so you don't need "death-bringer" tools here.

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Apr 30, 1999
vise-grips, adjustable wrench, needle nose pliars, 8-in-1 screwdriver, hack-saw with a selection of blades, entrenching tool, hatchet, wonder bar.

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Either 17 vials of morphine or one large roll of duct tape.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
Hey.. cool..... I made a knife?!?! is it any good?? Ive never seen it?
There's only a McDonald's?
Oh God, just let me die, please!
AHHH, forget it. I'll die of starvation anyway with only a MickyD's to eat at. That or coronary disease if I eat there.
Really though, I'd have to do some serious Sear's Craftsman tool gathering in this scenario. One of every hand tool they have.
I'll take one of everything please!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I've got a Brittish combat axe that I save for these occasions. It is a large hatchet with a wood chopping blade facing one way and sort of a digging pick facing the other way. The double head is a single piece of steel that also extends as side straps part way down the wood handle. Good for chopping, digging, or hollowing-out logs for canoos.
Great additions! I originally was thinking about non-knife tools just for camping, but I guess my posting got carried away w/city planning and all.

Wow, Yoda is a sr. member of BF -- I’m truly impressed. yoda4561: oh, what the hell, let’s just say you make knives out the same material as the T2000 in Terminator 2. Its user adjusts its length, width, thickness, blade shape, and hardness w/a remote control brain implant. THAT’S custom.

Misque -- I threw the McD’s in there to ensure that we don’t assume this place is paradise, that there are great dangers everywhere.

BTW, anyone have the MegaPro 15-in-1 screwdriver? Offered by AG Russell, $23, I think.

"What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?" -Elvis Costello
I like the pocket chainsaw, would add the Glock entrenching tool, water purifier, MORE duct tape, and a good hatchet.
I'm with Misque. Take a diverse selection from Sears. Add in plenty of photoelectric cells, and a few gallons of gas (for the McD - probably what caused the end of civilization in the first place
I tend to take a minimalist sort of approach... after all, I have to carry all of the tools I choose.

Having said that, my choices would include:
1) Leatherman SuperTool w/additional bits (covers all of the screw driving, wire cutting, nut turning, quick fix-it sort of tasks I'm likely to encounter)
2) Hudson Bay "cruisers" axe... large enough to really chop serious wood, small enough to actually carry long distances, doubles as a hammer)
3) duct tape
4) assorted quick ties... easier than rope to use for most attaching sorts of tasks
5) para cord... just in case I really need to secure something, or lash something together
6) good compass... never know when I'll need to find that MickeyD's... or better yet, that case of MRE's on the treasure map (was that an "X" marking the spot?)

On of my 8'' bowies one of my lockback'folders and my mod.581 S&W .357 ,and my old shotgun
thankyou p1445! that made my day. sounds like the murphy school of fixin' things. "beat it with a hammer 'till it works, and iffn' that don't work get a new one."
don't forget the allen keys to adjust the scope on the '06 and MUCH MORE duct tape!
A good pick and shovel,the biggest electric chainsaw I can find and a really really long extention cord. I`ll plug in to the McDonalds and start buildin!
Hmmm... very good suggestions. Here is my list:

Duct tape, several rolls. Also glass fiber reinforced 'filament' tape (absolutely best thing to restrain someone with). Plastic tarp. Entrenching tool. A .22LR pistol (you said tools you have on you); larger calibers acceptable, but the .22 is best survival caliber, as you can carry lots of ammo, and it doesn't make much noise. Space blanket.

DRUGS: Antibiotics; broad spectrum (Augmentin, Keflex, Cipro); good for wound infections, invasive enteritis (typhoid, , Shigella, toxigenic E. coli.). Condoms, non lubricated. Make good emergency water containers, also can cover wounds. Sun screen. Insect repellent.

Analgesics/antipyretics; aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Vicodin, Percocet, Dilaudid (you will really have to talk your doc into the last few; Dilaudid is basically oral morphine).

Antihistamine/decongestants: Actifed, Dimetapp, etc., or straight antihistamines, Benadryl, Chlorpheniramine, etc. If you have kids, and they have an ear infection, they will be in intense pain until you give them some of this, as it shrinks the mucosa in the Eustacian tubes so that they can equalize the pressure inside and outside of the eardrum. You give them antibiotics, of course, as well, but these take about 48 hours to work.

Water purifiers; the pump type work well, but don't forget that 10 drops per liter of Betadine Solution (NOT the Scrub, which has detergent in it) will kill all pathogens. Plus the Betadine solution is a good wound cleanser; if you have time, dilute roughly one part Betadine to 8 to 10 parts boiled or purified water. Straight Betadine injures tissue, but is better than leaving dirt in the wound. Some water bottles. A pump or plastic bottle of antibacterial soap. Will hopefully prevent you from contaminating your GI tract with pathogens from dirty fingers. Toilet paper might not be a bad idea. Chopsticks for eating, Lexan flatware acceptable as well.

Wound care; antibiotics and Betadine mentioned above; also get some Micropore or other paper tape, and/or steri-strips to close wounds and affix bandages. Have some gauze bandages and an elastic wrap or two to affix compression dressings to major wounds.
Latex gloves; sterile and non (the latter are much more compact, and frankly, you are probably not going to be doing things where sterile gloves would give you a big advantage). A dozen scalpels or so. The disposable kind. Great for minor surgery, foreign body removal, etc.

A set of pliars, adjustable wrench, vice grips, screwdrivers, allen keys. A compass. Maps of the area you are in. A pound or so of mixed gold and silver coins. Some bailing wire. Some handcuff keys (tape one to the inside of your belt in the small of your back).

And most importantly, a manual of survival. If you have the tools, but don't know how to use them, you are in deep kim chee.
I would want to have a knife to uses as a screwdriver. I would want a screwdriver, to use as a chisel. I would want a wrench to use as a hammer. I would want a ..... well I guess that is about all I would need.


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Lynn, he he he. I've always heard that "All tools are hammers except chisels and they're screwdrivers"
Well said, Nemo (... *that* is a tool I leave behind a bit too often...)

Walt Welch -- you must indeed be a Doc! 10-15 yrs ago I wouldn't pack away any pain relievers, thinking that all those sore muscles were quite edifying and proof of toughness, etc. That worldview increasingly changes as I get older...

As for those folks who betrayed the cardinal rule and brought weapons along for the ride: I don't like McDonald's either, but that's a little extreme...

"What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?" -Elvis Costello