Nobleman mirror polish option for the larger models?

Apr 3, 2005
I'll give up trying to remember which model is named what. The tiny one looks great with the mirror finish. I also have the larger model with black coating, and was about to order the large model with the brushed finish.

I wish I could get the large size with the mirror finish.

A note on the side, the texture of the black (looks gray really) looks good, but it tends to hang on to gunk (I have the same problem with a Benchmade Vex, which has the same type of black/gray finish). I would love to have this size knife with a mirror finish, with or without black coating.

I would polish the brushed version on my own, but I don't want to lose the BUCK print on the blade, and the thumb stud is permanently mounted which would make it difficult to do well.
I'm with ya here, never really liked black coated blades. Especially on stainless steel where it's only there for looks.

How so you like this series otherwise?

They seem like nice EDC pocketknives, but the only stores I have seen them in were Gander Mountain and they're in blister packs so I haven't actually handled one.
They are pretty nice. I had a problem with the small one at first, but after adjusting the pivot and lock spring it works fine. The large one was great.