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Nontron Knives

Discussion in 'Blade Discussion Forum Archive' started by drshame, Dec 13, 1998.

  1. drshame


    Oct 4, 1998
    I got my first holiday gift from my wife today, who's noticed my passion for pointy objects: A mail-ordered Nontron French Knife.

    It's got a 440 Stainless Steel spearpoint blade folding stiffly out of a stabilized boxwood handle branded with a couple of inverted V patterns and stainless steel bolsters.

    Anyone know anything about these...since it's now got to take the place of my Sebenzas, Daltons, Benchmade's...et, al that I carry to keep her happy.

    It's a totally non-locking, non-tactical folder I suspect could well be a French fruit
    and cheese knife. It is pretty sharp though.

    PS: Do i dare leave Knife Catalogues lying around with circles around my favorites, or hide any prices so she'll never know what they really cost????


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