"Norden" knife on EBay

Apr 20, 2004
Some of you may have noticed a knife on EBay recently that looked a little fishy, it had no mark on it and the seller was claiming it to be made by Rob.
I contacted the seller and got more information. As he told me things - it all started to come back to me.
Rob made 4 knives for this seller which they received in July of 2000.
There was a lot of interaction between them and Rob.
I managed to locate one receipt for the 2 "Scandi's" a smaller version of the "Norden" although I could not locate the receipt for the "Norden's".
BUT what I did find was the original patterns Rob drew for each of the knives.
I am certain that the knife (Norden) was in deed made by Rob and provided the seller with a statement and photo of the patterns Rob drew.
I am thinking he will be posting it on EBay again soon, as now he has some sort of verification of authenticity.
12-22-1999, 10:45 AM
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Greetings To All,

I had Rob Simonich make me a custom knife that is beyond perfection. It is a 8 inch long, flat grind, drop point with a small round guard. It is made out of 1/4 inch A2 steel & has black G10 handles. The knife has been completely bead blasted with ceramic material, black powder coated & it is extremely sharp...The sheath is made from Concealex & is extremely well made as well. It comes up 3/4 of the length of the knife, has a well made belt loop, which will never break & a 1 inch leg strap. I had this knife made for extreme field/utility use & there is NOTHING like in the world. It is perfect in every way for what is was designed for. I call it the "Norden"...Nor for Norway & Den for Sweden...I am Scandinavian. I am now very patiently waiting for a smaller version of the Nordens (I have 2 of these)...called the "Scandi's". They will be 4 3/4 inch long & will be virtually identical to the Nordens. To say that I am extremely pleased with Rob's work is in truth an understandment. Rob is a very nice man who is extremely easy to work & his patience is without end. I have the highest regard for him that is without measure. Know this to be true...this man is a perfectionist & a true artist is every sence of the word.

I did a quick search on Norden. I think this is the person selling it on EBAY.
Could not find it on ebay
Rob was a great man. I was lucky to have met him.