Normal steel question

Jan 24, 1999
Recently I was working with my SP-8 "machette" from Ontario and it of course has a saber grind. I was then holding my falt ground Battle Mistress and it feels tougher but I was wondering how as there is so much less steel there. How is it that the Busse is so much stronger which I am sure it is--nothing against the SP-8 though as it is a great knife. Also, I know carbon steel is usually easier to shapren than stainless steel but which holds a better edge in general since I know it largely depends on the specific steel. I mean is SS's only advantage increased corrsion ressitance.

Once again any help will be appreciated and thank you all

thanks and take care
Go to the home page here, click on "knowledge base," then click on the steel FAQ.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Thank you I should have know to look there.

thanks and take care