Northern California knife show?

Jun 14, 1999
Hey folks,
Anyone know of any upcoming knife shows in Northern California? More specifically, the Bay Area? Thanx all, I figure if anyone knows, they're here in the group.
The San Francisco Bay Area IS NOT Northern California!;) It is Northern CENTRAL California!:)
Gene, you're so far North... you're more like a Southern Oregonian than a Californian. Take that as a compliment. :) That's why everything north of Sacramento is known as Superior California.

-Seth, born in the Mother Lode
We are going to have an area inside the show that is a "Hospitality Area".Be able to purchase your favorite adult beverages and other things.Lots of chairs and tables to shoot the bull.

Randy Morgan
Pres.of BACKA
I hafta agree with you Gene cause I live on the southern tip of Northern California:)

Was wondering what the one-day entry fee was for that show, thanks for the link. I'll probably be there on Saturday. By the way, the top of the page says Sept. 29-30, while the info below says 28-29. I presume it is the former since that is a Sat/Sun combo, the 28th is Thurs. (perhaps a sellers only day?)

Will write BFC on my name tag or something (if they have name tags) and see how many of you I can meet during the one day I can be there.
Why do people consider the San Francisco Bay area "Northern California?" It's NOT. No one from there considers it to be guys! It's Central California. I know. I'm from there. Okay. Back to knives.....
Hi to all you guys way up in "Northern" CA, I'm up that way alot are there any good blade shops between Corning and Redding?. Looking forward to meeting you guys at the show.

If insanity is a state of mind....then CA is the place to live!
While we are on the topic.... I'll be in "Central" California(Fairfield) for a few days in October. Not sure of exact dates yet. Anyone know of any shows around then? Thanks.
Didn't mean to interrupt the show talk but can't help ribbing the good folks DOWN there in "Northern California". :)

I agree but Southern Oregon is getting more and more liberal but God bless 'em, there's no sales tax! It's nice living here in the least populated county in Calif. We vote in Republicans every election much to the chagrin of the all the "new agers" up here worshipping Mt. Shasta. :barf:

Really good to hear from a Redding boy! Although Redding is too SOUTH for me. ;) I do have have to go there though living where I do just to get essentials. Nice areas around your place though. You going to be at the big Street Fair this Thursday?

No knife shops between Corning and Redding. Although there's a shop in Southpaw's neck of the woods, (Redding), called OLDE-WEST gun and pawn. High prices but they have some interesting pieces sometimes.

Enjoy the shows gents.