Northwoods Fall Creek fixed blade leather pocket sheaths pre-order - currently closed

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May 14, 2012
Just finished up 3 leather pocket sheaths for the Northwoods Fall Creek fixed blade.

All sheaths are wet formed and have great retention. These are not a “floppy” sheath like what comes with the Fall Creek. They are stiffer and hold the knife well. Attached is a Discreet Carry Clip for retention of the sheath to your pocket.

The one in the middle is light vintage brown with orange stitching. - knife not included - $SOLD shipping included

The black one on the right lost most of my makers mark on the backside, so it will be at a discount. Tooled and stamped, light tan thread.
Knife not included - $SOLD shipping included.


Questions or comments welcome. You can claim either one in this thread. :)

The far left sheath has already been sold. However I’m not opposed to taking orders. 🤣

All prices include shipping in Canada and the CONUS. Payment by PP G&S and EMT if in Canada.

Thanks for viewing!

Sharp & Fiery
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With the release of the GEC Fall Creek fixed blade…I will be opening pre-orders for this sheath.

It can be made with or without the DCC clip. With or without colored washers.

If you are interested in a FC Sheath, please let me know here in this thread.

Thank you all, and watch for more information!
I’ve now got 3 FC sheaths prepped for finishing touches.
pat9198 pat9198
Kevin W. Kevin W.
M mwilson5585

I’ll be sending a PM shortly.
M mwilson5585 I believe you have my email if you would like to send an email to nail down specifics.

These sheaths will run $95-$110 USD dependent on options chosen.

Thank you