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Not happy with premium knives

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Dec 14, 2006
I ordered an F1 knife online from premiumknives.com a couple weeks ago. I received a confirmation of my order the next day telling me I would receive shipment information/numbers via email, fine. Two weeks later and still no notice I called, they said the system was updating and they would email the information later that same day, I got nothing. I called another day and tried again and they "finally" said it was on backorder! On their initial confirmation it specifically said their were no problems with stock, that all the checkpoints had cleared. Their site should have said "back order" or "out of stock" when I placed my order in the first place, or their confirmation email should have said in their "Check List" that it was out of stock, or they could have emailed me within a reasonable amount of time telling me this, before taking my money. I think this is a bad business practice and wanted to let anyone thinking of ordering from them of my experience. Beware!
It sounds like their inventory isn't properly linked to the shopping website.

And they certainly should have let you know sooner.

Companies shouldn't charge credit cards until they have the item that was ordered in stock.

This is true, because it is sure to cause problems otherwise.It is also against most merchant/bank user agreements to charge for items not in stock.
The same thing happened to me a few months ago. Many of these web based dealers are actually more of a clearing house that carry no inventory but rely on their ability to find it after you order. They will never tell you what is not in stock because they have no stock.
Check out the thread for favorite on line dealers in this forum. I have found out the hard way that saving 5 or 10 bucks is not worth the frustration factor of dealing with less than highly regarded sites.
I had a similar experience with premiumknives.com. They charged my card immediately and I didn't hear anything else from them for a week or so. I called and emailed them and got a response that the item would ship the next day. It did ship the next day and I received it in a reasonable time but the whole transaction left me with a less than completely favorable impression. I wouldn't advise someone to avoid them, but I would advise someone to expect less than perfect customer service.