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Not Just Any Ol' Bottle of Scotch

Discussion in 'Fiddleback Forge Knives' started by B Griffin, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. B Griffin

    B Griffin Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    I'm really not a heavy drinker. As a guy who works for multiple companies a cloudy head is not a good thing. And for a guy who is the single father of a child with special needs, it's even a less good thing. I usually only have a few beers a month to try to chill and relax a little, and hard spirits are typically reserved for special occasions. This little bottle of scotch has seen a few of them over the last 5 months since I bought it. In October it saw the occasion of me finally having my licensing agreements straightened back out and once again being paid for some of my intellectual property that payments for had been wrongfully withheld. I had fought that battle for almost a year. In November it saw the occasion of our second Thanksgiving celebrated successfully as a single father. In December it saw the celebration of getting my oldest daughter to a better place in life, with a better car and a better job after an 8 month long struggle for both of us, and me having had to work 40 hours of my 100 plus hour work weeks whilst babysitting my 4 yr old grandson in the process for those 8 months. In January it saw the occasion of me being recruited to produce content by two new publishers who like my work. In February it saw the celebration of two solid years of being cigarette free, after smoking for over twenty years before finally being able to quit. March saw the occasion of my left leg finally being healed enough to work on the tortuously uneven terrain I needed to be able to work on, in order to finally get some of the shots I had been experimenting with for over two years prior to my injury in the summer of 2017, and then being barely able to walk on flat ground for over a year after due to all the damage. Then today, April 10th, it saw the first morning I got to wake up single again after the last 14 years, no longer legally connected to my former wife in any ways personal, since the judge granted me my divorce and primary custody of my daughter yesterday morning at 9:42 am. After more than two years of being unable to afford the lawyers that could have sped things up a little. Of doing all of the research myself without any legal council, of finding notarizing, and filing all of the right forms in all of the right ways to all of the right people in all of the right places, to finally successfully navigate an utterly lawyer-less divorce and custody case, and finally be free of that yoke.



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  2. KP

    KP Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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  3. varga49

    varga49 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 1, 2016
    Salut ! And Congratulations Brother
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  4. B Griffin

    B Griffin Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    Thanks guys!! It has been a really rough two years. Hopefully it starts getting easier from here.
  5. lmalterna

    lmalterna Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 12, 2002

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  6. NoRest

    NoRest Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 27, 2015
    Cheers Brian! Tonight I'll drink to you! You've overcome a lot of tough obstacles in the last couple years.
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  7. k12s


    Feb 14, 2008
    Congratulations for finally getting some peace of mind. I get it. Been stressed with responsibility and hardship to. I got through it. Makes you better.
    You deserve today!

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  8. Curl of the Burl

    Curl of the Burl Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 27, 2013
    Congrats and cheers! The future is bright.
  9. B Griffin

    B Griffin Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    Thanks guys!!

    Thanks Greg!! It has been really rough, but I think things will start to get better from here. I recently got the ball joints sorted finally, replaced the tensioner pulley, replaced the front brakes and the battery, and changed the oil... that all desperately needed to be done since I have been working the truck and myself to death lately. Right after doing wheel cylinders and the back brakes, the idle pulley, and the alternator. So naturally by the time I had spent down to my last $30 paying the last notary fees, filing fees, printing fees, and parking fees I get a phone call from Alayna while I am standing in the parking lot that the microwave died in the middle of her heating her food, because it had been worked to death being used to boil water for tea and making pour-over coffee in the Mr. Coffee that had died months back because all but one eye has died on our stove and now I am down to cooking everything we have on a one eye of a stove that will likely fail any day now and my next check this weekend when I turn in an invoice will barely cover the expenses of the phone, my truck insurance, and my website fees, so I guess...and hope...that this gets to be the roughest few weeks of them all before improvement begins. I have other pay coming at the end of the month, but currently I am hoping somebody will buy a sheath I didn't want to sell in the flea market and a knife I don't want to sell on the exchange, just so I can ease the stress by picking up a cheap hot plate, microwave, and coffee maker and at least keep cooking and coffee making capability going...
  10. jaz322

    jaz322 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    Buy some art, folks! I had the pleasure of purchasing an outstanding canvas print and removing it from the wall with my daughter at Stone Cup in Chattanooga a couple weeks ago. Brian, it was great hanging out over a beverage and blades at the coffee shop. You are a wealth of knowledge and a true artist.

    If any of you pass through Chattanooga, stop at Stone Cup and see his work. His stuff is also available online. Support art!! And beautify your digs at the same time..or gift it.

    Congrats brian, and thanks again. I displayed your piece and my Trackrock glue-up at the hotel all weekend!

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  11. B Griffin

    B Griffin Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    Thank you Jason! It was great hanging out with you for a while, I hope we get to do that again some day. I very much appreciate your support and the support of a few other close friends I have made here in this forum over the last ten years. I don't know that I would have made it this far or done near as well at it without the help and moral support of you guys.

    I don't know if I got to tell you the story behind that shot or not. There is no photo shop there, just a bit of oversaturation of the colors occurring organically through the orange lightening that was going on. That was the first time I had seen that here. Usually the lightning here is blue or purple looking through the clouds. I was actually on the Veterans Bridge coming back from the art district when I saw the clouds sitting right down on the bridge tops nearly and turning orange with every lightning strike. So at first I risked speeding tickets to get across the bridge fast enough, then I'm pretty sure the light was already red when I turned into the road into Coolidge Park. Then I sort of slid to a stop in a no parking area in the culd de sac with the Blue Rhino statue in it, jumped out of the truck, and ran down the canoe launch. It wasn't raining much yet at that time, so I started trying to line up the shot the way I wanted it. I was almost waist deep in the water by the time I got the bridges lined up where I wanted them, and it was raining so hard by the time I got the shot lined up that my UV filter was coated in so many drops of water all the lights made it like looking through a Kaleidoscope. But when I had the camer on the settings I thought I needed, and the shot lined up the way I wanted it, I held the camera lens down, took off the UV filter, raised the camera and started shooting. Out of the Fifty or so frames I shot I managed to get 6 files that caught the orange tint to the clouds before my camera and lens were drenched and I could do no more. I couldn't make out anything clearly through the lens, and the lightning was getting so intense I was feeling the tingles every time it struck. The one you have is one of the files I over-saturated the color of, and that is all I did there is no photoshopping just added color because it's a mixed media work inspired by Leonid Afremov, who has been a huge influence on my art work since I was in middle school and saw some of his art in a museum.

    This image below is the one I am having printed out on canvas much larger than the one on the front wall at Stone Cup for the back wall of my art studio. I'll have it printed out around 8 or maybe even 10 feet wide. If you look at the top of the image you can see the water drops in the image where the lens was almost saturated, and right after that shot was when I got the worst tingle from the lightning and that was a little scary since the storm was still increasing in intensity. But I suppose I was "willing to die trying to get these shots", as a lady friend refers to it, because it was me finally getting an image very similar to one the 12 year old version of me had stood on a pier in Miami in the middle of an intense electrical storm, trying desperately to capture with a Pentax K1000 that I had just spent my entire savings on a few weeks before, as part of a project I had just started called painting with light That storm happened while I was with my dad visiting my grandmother, two weeks before I would go visit a mother I was missing, but who couldn't care less if I was even alive, and get stuck there in her world of drug and alcohol induced insanity, when my father had an accident at work while I was gone and not there to hold the ladder for him. I would spend the rest of my childhood hating myself for missing her, and going to visit her. I hadn't really processed it all, or even thought much about it, until the day I hung those prints on the walls at Stone Cup. And then I just sat there lost in flashbacks for a few minutes. I remembered the storm on the pier, I remembered the phone call about Dad's accident, I remembered so many psychotic moments with my mother and stepfather who I thought were insane, I remembered the night it all went upside down and watched in my mind's eye my stepfather's face disappearing as I shoved the gun barrel out from under my chin and back at him right as he pulled the trigger after he had already shot my mother. I remembered standing there staring at the bodies of the two people I had sat across from at the dinner table for the last few years and all of their yelling at me. I remembered sitting in cold dumpsters in the middle of the winter to escape the wind's chill and find whatever I could to eat there. I remembered days of fighting for my life with all I had, and nights of running for it just sure I wouldn't survive the night. The nights of washing off all the blood and being relieved that not that much of it was my own. I remembered a night of crying while trying to talk a friend into putting the knife down and keep fighting because one day what her father had done would fade out some, and another night of talking another friend down off a ledge. I remembered that not all of us made it alive, as some of the kids just couldn't deal with things that had happened to them, and worse yet that for the most part there was no-one who cared that they didn't make. And I remembered finally realizing I was an adult, several months after my 18th birthday and that I didn't have to run from the juvenile system anymore. And I remembered so many of the struggles of reintegrating back into society and coping with my PTS issues. So I hope you enjoy the image Jason, it's not just any ol' picture. Behind everyone of the images I have put up on the website, there is a story some are very deep. By the end of this summer they will be on display in several restaurants and coffee shops in the city center and on the south side as well. Some of the owners of those shops have already decided which prints and others are still trying to make up their minds. There is one series of shots of the moon on the website where I quite literally ran over a mile as fast as I could run holding my camera up in the air above people's heads at time, from where I watched it rise for the rising shot, two where I took three other shots of it, because I really wanted one of those shots in particular, and was hoping I could run better since I had quit smoking and I actually made it.

    And this is what the lightning over the river usually looks like. You can see the lightning bolt in the sky and reflected in the water too
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  12. Lady1911

    Lady1911 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 31, 2018
    Cheers, Brian!

    I don’t often drink scotch, but when I do, it’s usually Glenlivet 12. :D
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  13. Halfneck

    Halfneck Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    Congratulations Brian!

    It might be "2 steps forward, 1 step back" but it's still going in the right direction.

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