Not khukuris, but check this out


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Jan 13, 2001
For you fellow khukuri aficionados who are interested in tomahawks look what I received yesterday.

1095 steel head, curly maple haft. As well made as our beloved HI khukuris. This is my first tomahawk, so I didn't know what to expect. It has a spirit all it's own, and picking it up reminded me of the first time I picked up my BAS, my first khuk.

So what does this have to do with khukuris? It's a forged, hand-made tool that was obviously made with pride. And it will hold a place of honor in my modest collection, next to my Kumar made Malla and my Sanu made Chiruwa Sirupati.
That's one of Ryan's from RMJ Forge, isn't it? I may be getting one of his war hatchets soon, but I want a plain ol' hickory handle so I won't weep when I blow it all to flinders on a bad throw.

It is a beauty. Their reputation is stellar. I'd love to hear how it throws.
That's a real beaut. Where'd you get it - is there somewhere (dealer?) online with more pix?
That looks as if it could inflict some serious damage no matter which end a person might be struck with.
I Love it!!!!

RMJ Forge does beautiful work and I wouldn't mind having one of their 'Hawk's but there are other priorites right now.

(My uncle Bud's double edge 'Hawk was made from a horseshoe rasp in the penitentiary of Oklahoma at Macalester OK and was his shank. He wore it down the inside of his pants along his side.
It still baffles me as to how he got it out of the pen when he was paroled!!!!)

My other younger Bro Finn introduced me to High Spirits Flutes and they are as costly as some khukuris but well worth the price.
Finn drove Barb and me over to Patagonia AZ while we were at his place and I bought myself, with Barb's Blessing a Condor Bass Flute in the key of `D'.

Now I am wanting an 'E` model and then perhaps one or two of their other models.
Thank the Old Ones that the Flute isn't a new addiction, but the continuation of an old one.
I have several Flutes made by other people other than myself, but not nearly as many as I have H.I.Khukuri's. If I had that may Flutes I wouldn't be able to afford my other addictions.
Barb is really good to me!!!!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.

RMJ Forge is a father/son outfit (I think) and they make 'em one at a time. There's a significant lag but, like I said, the reputation is stellar. Maybe Kam can enlighten us once he's had a chance to play with his new toy.

I think their website is

Thanks for the link DocPat - Now I have another place to spend too much money
- I should have noticed it in Kam's URLs but I wasn't paying attention.

Maybe after that malla, kothimoda, kumar karda, kobra, (oh yeah, and house) I've been saving for.

Seriously though, they're gorgeous.
Good guess Doc. And you're right about Ryan. My personal experiences are consistent with his reputation. Workmanship is excellent and he is a pleasure to work with. He gave me exactly what I want and delivered on time too. He also kept me up to date on the status of my project. I know that lack of communication is a big problem with a lot of makers, but that's not a concern with Ryan. Dealing with him is like dealing with our own Uncle Bill. Ryan's one of the good guys.

I can't tell you how it throws because it I've never tried tomahawk throwing and I'm not going to start with this one. It's very solid and sharp though and I have no doubt that an experienced thrower would have no trouble making it stick.

Uncle, a better steel on the tomahawk would be nice. Thing is, RMJ Forge tries to keep their 'hawks as historically accurate as possible. The head for my 'hawk was made from a wood rasp.

Last night I was just oohing and aahing over my new toy. I especially like the curly maple haft. This is the first time I've ever seen and handled curly maple and I'm awestruck at its beauty. It has a depth to it that I can hardly describe. The alternating bands of light and dark give it an almost three dimensional quality, like what you might see in carbon fibre. It's just stunning.

Check out and look around Ryan's site. It's the most informative one I've ever found on tomahawks.
1095 is tuff stuff, but almost all of the magic in any steel is the heat-treat.

I really like the simple high-carbon steels. You have to take care of them a little better but they just keep going and going and going . . .
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