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Nother UG/Blue FBM and Orange Warden

Sep 11, 2002
Finally, a chance to take some pics of the new Warden. I like the small size, I've already gotten the .140 INFI screaming sharp, and it's small enough to carry in pocket comfortably!

Leatherhog's "factory sheath" compliments the color orange warden comfortably! I'm on the ropes about wet molding, may just wax it to darken the color.

Checked the mail Tuesday, and found a gift from Santa telling me that I'd been naughty again:

I don't have a lightbox or enough camera gear to do better, and the CGFBM is huge! I do like the looks and heft of it, the magnums fit perfect to me. The G10 is HARD.

One more pic of the UG/Black&Blue combo:

Finally had a day to take some pics; a few more for the bikers.

(No, the bike hasn't been cleaned yet :eek: )
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Awesome pics and awesome scores!

That g-10 looks beautiful:cool:
I almost wish I hadn't ordered the gray and blue/black FBM. They're gorgeous, but it seems like everybody and his brother's got one.
:eek: Cloven Hoove Salute to you sir:thumbup: That has to be the perdiest FBM I've seen;)