Now Dad's getting deployed

Jan 8, 2007
Thanks for the well wishes guys. Dad will be 52 in a month. He's in very good shape for his age, hell he can still run 2 miles in around 16:00 minutes for his PT test. That's the minimum standard for someone my age. His job is Petroleum Supply, they truck around and pump fuel to the people who need it. He's actually a trainer for this job, but I believe that he's going to do the real thing rather than train it. It sounds as if someone in another unit who's being deployed couldn't go and he gets to fill in. I really don't like the job he has to do because trucks full of fuel make easy and valuable targets. Any job in transport is incredibly dangerous over there because of the IEDs.

As to the age thing, the Army doesn't care. I read stories in the Army Times a few years ago about 60+ year old soldiers serving over there. One was a grandfather who was a surgeon, so that was a somewhat special case, but it's not at all unusual for guys 50 and up to go to combat.

Oh, and today I got the date he'll be leaving. Yup, you guessed it; Father's Day. The sons of bitches are deploying him on Father's Day. Do they do this on purpose or are they really just that dense? Seriously the whole command structure of the Army is just plain messed up. If our generals were doing their jobs the way the Marines and Air Force do our guys wouldn't be doing one and two year tours, they'd be going for six and eight months like the Marines. But our 'leaders' just roll over and let us get worked into the ground. Oh, and now they're having trouble meeting recruiting quotas. Gee I wonder why [/sarcasm]. I gotta get my punching bag set up again.

I am sorry to hear this mate.
With the greatest respect to you and your Father.
Its hard to believe that the greatest military power in the world need to send senior aged reservists to serve in active war zones.

I hope he has a safe tour and returns home soon to his loved ones, we will be wishing him well.
Feb 23, 2002
When you join the Army, Marines, etc. it is reasonable to assume you MAY be deployed.

Stop the whining, bitching and be a man about it. You don't have to like it but it comes with the territory.

They're sending my son back for a 15 month tour later this year. I don't like it, but that is what Apache pilots train for. Me bitchin about it doesn't help him and or his attitude one bit.

Dec 27, 2002
I will make it a point to keep your dad, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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