Now I understand Sharp!

Oct 17, 1998
I just received a new plain edge Spyderco Native from (thanks, Brian). Just passing this knife over the hairs on the arm they literaly jumped onto the blade. A new experience for me!

Spyderco redefined my definition of sharp also. It was a fully serrated Delica. Now I am hooked. Just ordered a Large Wegner with a plain blade. I hope it is just as sharp. The wait is killing me.
Talk about Spyderco and Sharp ..... try a Spyderco Military with CPM-440V. Now, that is Sharp!


I second that Mark, try the endura plain edge as well....oh so sharp!

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Military "Military" fans unite!!!
IMHO no blade gets sharper than a carbon and/or Damascus blade that has been properly forged!!
Two weeks ago I used a Spyderco Moran to whittle a hair into 3 layers!!!

This was an unusaully thick hair. But still, I have never been able to shave a hair before this. Normally the blade just cuts though the hair. In this case, the blade cuts to the middle of the hair then turns and cuts the hair length wise. I then repeated this on the thinned out hair.

Now that is hair whittlein' sharp!
Hey, TALLWINGEDGOAT....Where did you get that really thick hair??
From a goat?
SOURRY, Couldn't resist....
My sharpest Spydie is also my (current) favorite, the Calypso Jr. with black Micarta handles and plain edge. Something about the flat grind allows this knife to literally slip through whatever's being cut.
My Spyder Endura had the sharpest point I've ever seen. This includes Randell, Al Mar, Cold Steel, Busse, get the picture.

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sorry if this post twice...

My Spyderco Endura has the sharpest point of any knife I have. this includes Randall, Al Mar, Gerber,Busse, Cold Steel....You get the point (no pun intended).

It easier to get forgiveness than permission