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Now I'm a believer!

Discussion in 'Buck Knives' started by GronK, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. GronK


    Apr 1, 2001
    The Tanner gun/knife show's in town this weekend. I spotted two knives of interest yesterday and went back today to do some swapping and trading, successfully acquiring both. One was a Spydie CTS Mili and the other an Ion Fusion 110. I came home and did some testing: The Mili was, as expected, laser sharp. The Buck was sharp but rather rough. It is like new and never sharpened but hung up cutting through paper and pulled tufts of paper out of cardboard. I had researched both knives on line last night and saw an old post by Joe Houser about the Ion Fusion actually getting sharper with use due to the weaker metal wearing away leaving a sharp edge of the coating material. I decided to give it a try. I cut a large flap off a cardboard box and proceeded to slice and dice, making long cuts using the whole edge. Like magic the cutting got easier and easier as I went. After thirty or forty cuts I went back to paper and wowie zowie it slipped through like butter.
  2. t1mpani

    t1mpani Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 6, 2002
    I've always thought it was a good idea for many cutting uses.
  3. GronK


    Apr 1, 2001
    I understand it may not be the best for chopping through bone or other hard material but 99% of my cutting is food prep or box break downs so it should work fine. On top of all that it looks really good!
  4. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    Hot Dog!!
    I waited too long to try another Buck knife. A Buck knife will hang with the best.


    Aug 14, 2006
    I bought one of the very first versions sold,it was called"BUCKCOTE" in the beginning,mine was a nickel silver bolster version,with a grey buckcote blade.My first impressions were right,and as it turned out,the knife was a great idea,the initial edge lasted a long time only being used for dressing/processing deer sized big game.Bones seemed to chip the edge out a lot,but jobs like cutting boxes and rope didn't seem to do much to dull the edge.The only thing i did not like was that some cuts seemed to want to veer off because there was only one edge doing the cutting and steering,instead of 2 edges working together.I wish they still offered it.
  6. GronK


    Apr 1, 2001
    I was fortunate to find it. With the trading I did I have about $45 in it. I've had many Bucks, 110's, 500 series, and fixed blades but always avoided these as being a bit strange. Didn't know what i was missing! Wish I would have acted when it was an option from the Buck custom shop.
  7. bucksway


    Jan 7, 2007
    The very latest [BCCI E;mail sale] Ion Fusion 110 from Buck is a 'Pink' coating...I do wonder if ANYONE is EDC'ing the Nano steel variation?Not much is rarer than that...

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