Now she has the knife. She uses it for..



Well, it looks like a lot of guys have wives or girlfriends that they have given knives to . Now, do they use it for jewelry, self defense, food prep. or what? My wife's big folder hangs menacingly on her key chain and is therefore in her hand whenever she carries her keys.... after 30 years of marriage, I can tell you, don't take her parking spot! She is ready to pull out the other from her purse at the mention of opening wine or paté. The new dagger is by the bed. Boy, am I behaving! So, are your women's knives used?

Ron Ruppé

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I think my wife uses hers to open food packages and to cut up fruit. Every once in a while I have to give it a major cleaning to get all the dried stuff off.

I used my Mom's SAK once. She had never cleaned the knife. I had to open the blade with a pair of pliers.
Mostly she uses them for opening packages, cutting bagels in half, or slicing fruit. (or her finger if she isn't paying attention) The knives she has fall mostly into the tool catagory , not weapons. Altho any tool can be a weapon.
Her primary defense is a handgun.


It might be easier to ask what she DOESN'T use it for.

She's not as bad as me when it comes to looking for an excuse to open the blade, but she does use them for everything. She also tends to them herself.

I think I'm gonna give her a squirrel today.

She uses it for opening packages occasionally, cutting stray strands off clothes, cutting out coupons and ads. I especially love to see her sitting at the table, coupons all over and the dreaded pink delica open.

She always takes it camping and hiking. She went on one trip that I had to forgo due to an ankle injury, and it ended up she was the only one who brought a knife that actually cuts. They used her pink delica for 3 days straight, for everything from food prep to you-name-it. When it came back it wouldn't shave anymore but was still reasonably sharp. Not bad for 8A, considering the massive amount of use it got.

Not quite yet. But your question brings a thought to mind, I'll start asking HER to open/cut/trim things for me, instead of the other way 'round. That way she'll get used to well, useing it ! Thanks for the inspiration!
After trying out many different folders, my lovely wife decided on the plain edge grey Leopard Cub (and she is very picky about it, I might add!). She likes it because it is easy for her to close (easy to reach the liner lock), it opens well for her in her delicate hands (she must have the thumb stud - boy has she become a discriminating connoisseur!), and it is small enough for her to carry *everywhere* (IWB mostly).

And get this: She carries it solely for defense! Is that cool or what? Yeah, she uses it to open wrappers and packaging, but mostly she carries it for defense, and she even has been bugging me to teach her more Kali. Okay, yeah, it ain't the knife I would like her to carry, but hey, the point is, she is never without it, and that is the first quality of a knife during an emergency. Watching her clip it to her waistband every morning makes me so proud! All this from a little girl from Oregon who used to be so naive as to not even lock her doors. She has come a long way, baby!