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Now This Is A Knife! From Down Under

Feb 23, 2000
Steve Filicietti from Autralia sent this one to me and I had to show it off! Now we know what they do in their spare time down there.
I may be the last knife-nut on the surface of the planet to fall in love with damascus, but MYGAWD that is a beautiful piece of work !! If that's what they do in their spare time, is there any time left? As a dabbler in leather, I'm also impressed with the sheath work, a perfect fit to the line of the knife, and sure to grab the eye at any show. Nice touch with the 2-color lacing.
Where can I go to see more of his work? How many cases of Fosters would it take to pry one loose from Down Under?
Thanks for the eye candy,
Sad thing is, you probably need a signed letter of approval from God to carry that thing anywhere but in the middle of the deep outback.
By all that is holy... SWEET!

That knife and sheath are wonderful peices of art, that any collector would be glad to add. Gimme..
Nice photo Terrill. Everything is stretching out with long lines. I agree with the praise for the knife. Now that's a knife!
As I hold this knife in my hand, I think there are two things that really strike me about this blade - the coal forged mosaic damascus and the Ringed Gidgea. Steve tells me that the handle is "a very hard and dense Aussie desert tree." Extremely well done, Steve!


p.s. Terrell great job with the photo, big knives are hard to shoot.
Thankyou all for the kind words, and thankyou Terril,beautiful photo can't wait to see the others. If you want to see more big bowies have a peek at my website.